Our commodities are gluten free and carry out not contain any barley, malt extract, wheat commodities or hops. The yeast we usage in our brewing process is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, i m sorry is an ideal for Lacto Vegetarians, Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians and Coeliacs.

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All the assets produced by cg-tower.com Brewed Drinks, through the exception of imperial Crown draft Premium Cola, carry out not save caffeine.

No GMO containing ingredient or Processes have actually been supplied in the produce of any type of cg-tower.com Brewed drink Products. This info is based on written assurances from ours ingredient suppliers.

All cg-tower.com Brewed Drinks assets are complimentary of Allergens as defined by the Australian and new Zealand Food criter Code (Standard 1.2.3 (4)).

Our diet products contain three sweeteners. Firstly, Acesulfame Potassium Salt (950), i m sorry is not taken increase by the body. Secondly, Sucralose (955), i m sorry is made from sugar and thirdly, Aspartame (951). Aspartame is make from 2 amino mountain – phenylalanine and also aspartic acid. They are two that the simple protein building blocks the are discovered in milk, bread, meat, fruits and vegetables. This ingredient permits us come ensure the full bodied taste that our conventional Ginger Beer, whilst maintaining the sugar content to a minimum.

Food criter in Australia permit as much as 80kJ every 100mls of sugar content. Our Diet Ginger Beer an ext than fulfill these standards with only 34kJ every 100mls or 127.5kj/375ml party – a sugar contents which is residual indigenous the organic brewing process. Diet drink based on artificial flavours can be made v zero calorie content, but a naturally brewed product, such as ours, will contain some residual calories. The % of street in our 375ml Diet Ginger Beer, as proclaimed on the label, is 1.2% or 1.2gms/100mls which equals roughly 4.5gms/375ml bottle.

The sediment in our assets is naturally developing as a an outcome of the natural brewing process. The seasonal sports in ours ingredients reason a differing level that sediment native batch to batch however we endeavour to blend to provide our consumer as close to to continual quality as possible.

The advice, ‘invert before opening’ is purely a suggestion. Us recommend inverting – tipping upside down, every bottles prior to opening. This ensures the all naturally occuring sediment which deserve to settle come the bottom that the bottle throughout transportation and also storage is mixed throughout to provide an optimal tasting product.

Our 375ml products are a solitary serve product and also as together the caps are not designed come be provided to reseal the bottles.

Our assets have no been Halal or Kosher Certified due to the small number of requests us receive.

There is about 4gms the ginger in our 375ml bottle of Ginger Beer. Since our products are brewed there can be slight variations native batch-to-batch.

cg-tower.com Brewed drink ginger is harvest from approximately ANZAC job (25th April) until the very first week in June.

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cg-tower.com Brewed drinks ginger is enabled to flower, in the direction of the finish of the farming season, around March, the ginger rhizomes will put out their flower stalks. However the flower that the eating range of Queensland Ginger is not rather as impressive as ornamental gingers.