Yesterday afternoon while the goaties were playing in the snow..we spread out some dolimate lime and also then layered v tons and also tons of brand-new fresh straw...does anyone else lime their barn floors????And i have one more question i beg your pardon is...about the chicken run. We have more chickens this year and I never had concern with odor in thier run...but I an alert it now much more and more...since its every closed up for the winter ns dont want them sick...but ns cant find any type of info ~ above dolimate lime and its safety and security for your runs??? there is no humidity in their run..its roofed and also glass in prefer a greenhouse...with about of 1ft around top walls for ventalation.We were thinking of placing down the lime and including straw on top...but chickens scratch????? ns dont wanna kill em???? any kind of input???? would be significantly appreciated..

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Yes, we lime as soon as we do clean outs. We normally use hydrated lime though. I"m pretty certain the chickens would certainly be fine with the lime.
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I heard hydrated was toxic and burns and also should only used for disinfecting purposes??But I have not found any kind of info on chickens and types of lime in runs???Sorry, I"m confused again!
i will save searching..theres gotta it is in something??? I went to backyard chicken too and did"nt acquire an answer...just a debate???
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Dolomitic or calcitic lime is fully totally for sure for chickens and also other animals. Girlfriend can also feed it to chickens as a calcium supplement, back *dolomitic* lime in details is not recommended for the purpose since the high magnesium level deserve to potentially cause problems. Character language lime can reason mild chemistry burns if they obtain it "straight" onto their eyes or skin or in their mouth; if you are only sprinkling a well dusting under and/or if it"s obtaining turned/raked/stomped in prior to the chickens gain onto it, the is quite safe. Friend just have to use usual sense about it. Don"t accidentally get quicklime, i m sorry is an extremely caustic and also should be used only with great care and protective clothing, and also animals not permitted around that until/unless it has been extensively turned right into the ground or buried.For an ext on lime and liming, view (post #6 is mine and also summarizes her options, but there are great posts throughout the thread for this reason you might want to check out the whole thing, the isn"t that long).Basically over there is a tradeoff in between safety/speed/effectiveness (vs odor and also vs germs).Good luck, have actually fun,Pat