To eliminate or display screen rulers, click the ribbon to display the _____ tab and then click the watch Ruler check box. (WD 5)
To go into a empty line in a document, _____. (WD 7)press the ENTER an essential without typing any text ~ above the line
____ permits you to form words in a paragraph continually without pressing the ENTER an essential at the finish of every line. (WD 8)Wordwrap
A _____ underline indicates the text may be not correct grammatically. (WD 9)Green Wavy
A file _____ is a collection of unified layouts for fonts, colors, and graphics. (WD 14)Theme
Characters that are somewhat thicker and darker 보다 others are called _____. (WD 29)Bold
To check out the entire page ~ above the display at once, click view on the ribbon to display screen the check out tab | Zoom group, and also click the _____ button. (WD 30)One Page
A selected graphic shows up surrounded by a an option rectangle, i beg your pardon has little circles and squares, dubbed _____. (WD 35)Sizing Handles
To return a graphic to its initial size, click the dimension Dialog box Launcher, click the dimension tab, and also click the _____ button. (WD 37)Reset
The little white one attached to the optimal of a selected graphic is referred to as a _____ . (WD 38)Rotate Handle
A _____ is a named team of formatting characteristics, including font and also font size. WD 70Style
_____ is the amount of vertical an are between present of text in a paragraph. WD 72Line Spacing
A ____ is text and/or graphic that print at the optimal of each web page in a document. WD 74Header
Word has actually an _____ feature, where it predicts some words or phrases as you are tying and also displays its prediction in a ScreenTip. WD 78Auto Complete
If you do not want to keep a change automatically made by Word, you have the right to undo the readjust by clicking the Undo switch on the Quick accessibility Toolbar, or by pushing _____. WD 87CTRL+Z
Because Word papers use change character fonts, the ascendancy is come _____ after periods, colons, and also other point marks. WD 88press the spacebar only once
A superscript is used as a(n) _____ come signal that a note exists one of two people at the bottom the the web page or at the end of a document. WD 92Note reference Mark
You deserve to look top top the _____to view the total variety of words in a document. WD 100Status Bar
A _____ web page break is one the you pressure into a file at a particular location. WD 105Manual
_____ is the process of placing items on the Office Clipboard, while leaving the item in the document. WD 111Copying
A _____ is a graphic that you develop using Word. WD 142drawing object
When the mouse pointer transforms to a(n) _____, you deserve to drag from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner to form the wanted location and size that a shape. WD 143Crosshair Pointer
The ____ message wrapping option wraps text roughly the object, v the text forming to the form of the object. WD 144Tight
With a graphic selected, you would click the _____ switch to remove all formatting. WD 154Reset Picture
When you type an email address, Word’s _____ together You form feature immediately formats it together a hyperlink. WD 163Auto Format
To eliminate all tab stops, click the _____ switch in the Tabs dialog box. WD 169Clear All
A(n) _____ is a special an are character that stays clear of two words from dividing if the very first word drops at the end of a line. WD 173Nonbreaking Space
In a word table, the intersection the a row and also a obelisk is referred to as a(n) _____. WD 174Cell
The table resize take care of is a _____ that shows up when you suggest to a corner of a table.

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WD 178
Small Square
You have the right to press the _____ key to move to the following cell in a table. WD 179Tab
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