The study overview to IS 1300 introduction to continuous of Operations. This food will introduce you to the fundamentals that continuity, including the definition, the prominence of continually planning, and the essential elements of a continuity program. Continuity is a an essential part the every organization’s mission come ensure the continuation of their important functions and services during a broad variety of circumstances. Has correct FEMA IS 1300 Answers. Girlfriend may additionally be interested in our FEMA IS 551 answers Guide.

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Course Overview This food is intended come lay the foundation of understanding for students who wish to boost their expertise of continuity and also building a comprehensive continuity regimen in their organization or jurisdiction. This course will change IS-546.A continually of work Awareness Course and IS-547.A introduction to continually of Operations. IS-546 and also IS-547 save outdated materials and also information, space redundant (they contain the same information), and also do no align with existing federal guidance. Continuous 101 eliminates the redundancies by compiling the introduce continuity information into one course, and ensures that the details presented is in alignment with present federal indict (e.g., Continuity indict Circular, date February 2018). Target Audience: This course is intended because that a whole ar audience – federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government employees, as well as community-based organizations and private sector partner responsible because that or interested in continuity. Finding out Objectives: 1. Specify continuity. 2. Explain the prominence of continuous planning for organizations and communities. 3. Create the foundation for a continuity program in her organization. 4. Summarize the an essential elements the a continuity program. 5. Define the whole Community approach to continually planning. Continuous is a vital part the every organization’s mission to ensure extension of their crucial functions and services during a broad selection of circumstances.

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A wide selection of threats and also hazards continue to pose far-ranging risks to the Nation, affirming the require for continuity capabilities at every levels of government, in ~ the personal sector, and amongst non-governmental and community-based organizations. This food will likewise identify the fundamentals of building a continuity capacity within her organization.

Course Objectives:

Define continuity.Describe the importance of continuous planning because that organizations and communities.Recognize aspects required for a continuity regimen in her organization.Describe the an essential elements that a continuous program.Explain the whole Community approach to continuous planning.

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