iOS 7 dual-booted on an iPod Touch fourth Generation – A look at this unsupported feat and also how well it worksby Aurora · July 21, 2018

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From the first days of an equipment hacking, civilization ran points on their tools because castle could and also not for any kind of useful purpose. Back in the day once the PSP was all the rage, plenty of people, myself included, ran windows 95/98/ME on it simply for fun. Recently, I decided to do another thing simply for fun and also that was running iOS 7 on one iPod Touch 4!
Officially, iOS 7 can’t run on the iPod Touch 4 probably due to the lack of RAM!
Back in 2010, Apple released 3 tools with the apologize A4 SoC which space the iPad 1, iPod Touch 4 and also iPhone 4. Rather curiously, they only provided 512MB lamb to the iphone phone 4 and also left the iPod Touch 4/iPad 1 with just 256MB RAM, which walk on to reason performance issues afterwards for these devices. The iPad 1 was killed off v iOS 6 and the iPod Touch 4 was eliminated off with iOS 7 yet the iphone 4 stayed until iOS 7.1.2 even though the didn’t run it also well.A couple of years ago, dual-booting versions of iOS on older 32-bit apple devices came to be something quite conveniently achievable and also of course, some civilization decided to shot unsupported versions of iOS on their tools just because that fun! Recently, a Twitter user referred to as Raffaele tweeted his iPod Touch 4 to run iOS 7 and also that gained me interested. Obviously, the reason why the iPod Touch 4 can run iOS 7 for the iphone phone 4 is due to the fact that their hardware is quite comparable but that not fairly as comparable as some may think…

What worked and what didn’t

Bluetooth and WiFi nothing work but hey, you can get the regulate Centre on her iPod Touch 4!

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After complying with a grueling guide and also asking for part help, I was able to dual-boot iOS 7.1.2 together iOS 6.1.6 on mine iPod Touch and also this is what I found out:Some things actually carry out work and also these encompass GPU acceleration, every the hardware buttons and the touchscreen.On the other hand, some things didn’t work and these included sound, the ambient irradiate sensor, the rear facing camera (not sure around the front dealing with one), rotation, WiFi, Bluetooth and also probably some other things.While enough things operated for it come boot, I faced one significant issue and also that was kernel panics every 2-3 minutes. After some research, the turned out that it was because my iPod Touch is an 8GB model as world who own a 16GB or 64GB supposedly didn’t experience comparable crashes. The error to be ‘WDT Timeout’ in situation you’re curious.As expected, performance isn’t good BUT top top iOS 7.1.2, it’s not too bad and may it is in useable if you use it because that a single task! iOS 7.0 is completely unusable tho.As to run iOS 7 on mine iPod Touch 4, which ns bought earlier in 2010, to be something I want to carry out for quite a while, ns didn’t give up quite easily and also tried the following:I make the efforts using papers from the iphone phone 3,2 (iPhone 4 8GB) but unfortunately, that didn’t work as the kernel simply panicked before it gained to the UI.Using the kernel and devicetree native iOS 6.1.6 but that didn’t work-related eitherInstalling the WiFi firmware native iOS 6.1.6 ~ above the iOS 7.1.2 partition however WiFi still didn’t work even though i renamed the records to complement the ones uncovered in iOS 7.1.2!After wasting rather a couple of hours on it without any kind of results, I decided to give up however fortunately, ns took some pictures to remember the adventure!
Now, my bad iPod Touch is back to normal!