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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ASSIGNMENT inquiries Why friend Reckon by Langston Hughes Why don’t the narrator and also the other man want to organize Edward because that ransom? The kidnapper believes the they require money so that they can have a an excellent life and also in taking Edward because that learns the just since people it seems ~ to have money or they have money the does not interpret into happiness for this reason money is not the resource of happiness (Hughes 219). Work cited Hughes Langston and Akiba S. Harper. Short Stories. New York: Hill and Wang 1997. Print. <…>

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Have part assignment questions need answered in quick answer kind about this short story. From story “Why, friend Reckon?” through Langston Hughes——– Why don’t the narrator and also the other male want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? What argument does the other man use to convince the narrator to team up through him? What lesson execute you think the narrator learned by the finish of the evening?

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