Despite Planck"s continuous being in $E=hf$, the would show up to me that power is still no discrete, as frequency can be an fraction of a Hertz that one wants. Exactly how does this suggest that electromagnetic radiation is quantized?


It"s since there room quantifiable "packages" the light, dubbed photons. There have the right to be one infinity of frequencies (energies) that photons can have, yet one photon can have just one quantifiable energy.

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In my books, the energy content of light is not quantized typically in the very same sense the the power of one electron is not quantized generally. The electron deserve to have a consistent energy spectrum as all other cost-free particles.

It is only particles bound in potentials that obtain quantized energies, and then the photons the mediate transitions in between these power states space quantized. For this reason we get the emission and absorption spectra of atoms.

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emission spectrum that iron

In this sense these particular photons space quantized in energy.

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answered Aug 7 "13 at 17:05

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