1. Leonardo’s usage of light and dark in the Madonna of the Rocks built on the work-related of the artist ____.

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a. Piero della Francesca

b. Fra Angelico

c. Masaccio

d. Gentile da Fabriano

The robust and monumental figures of the Virgin and Child in Leonardo’s Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and the child Saint John are reminiscent of ____.

a. Northern art

b. Greek pedimental sculpture

c. Andrea del Castagno

d. Statues of goddesses

In Leonardo’s critical Supper, the curved pediment over the head of Christ represents which of the following?

a. The Parthenon

b. Pagan Rome

c. A halo

d. Mere ornamentation

In Leonardo’s last Supper, how did the artist rest with classic iconography?

a. Through the location of Judas on the same side as Christ and the various other disciples

b. By including Mary Magdalene in the role of servant

c. By consisting of the Virgin sit at the table

d. Through not including Judas at all

Who commissioned the Tempietto?

a. Pope Julius II

b. Ferdinand and Isabella the Spain

c. Henry VIII the England

d. Lorenzo de’ Medici

Michelangelo went past self-contained statues in his David by ____.

a. Dramatic gestures

b. Adding additional figures

c. Lunging forward

d. Turning his head

Michelangelo deviated from previously representations of David in his rendition by depicting ____.

a. The minute of victory

b. The encounter prior to the battle

c. The defeat of Goliath

d. David the town hall Goliath die

The Sistine Chapel ceiling represents which of the following themes?

a. The chronology of Christianity

b. The history of the papacy

c. The background of Julius II

d. The chronology of the early Christian church in Rome

Titian’s altarpiece, the Madonna that the Pesaro Family, differed from High Renaissance compositions in central Italy in the ____.

a. Symmetrical plan of figures

b. Production of a dark background

c. Placement of the numbers on a steep diagonal

d. The gesturing of figures toward the viewer

The ax Accadian landscape, as seen in Bellini’s Feast that the Gods, refers to ____.

a. Greek countryside

b. Florentine countryside

c. One idyllic place

d. Elysian Fields

The cleaning of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling originally shocked arts historians because it revealed ____.

a. Big areas of overpaint

b. The work of an additional artist

c. A new painting technique

d. Lively colors

In his depiction of Pope Leo X, Raphael did not portray him as head of state, but rather as a ____.

a. Man of learning and also a collector

b. Warrior

c. Philosopher

d. Humble Franciscan

In his presumption of the Virgin, Titian offered ____ to develop intensity and drama.

a. Greatly contoured lines

b. A new medium

c. Vivid color

d. Two formats in the very same work

Which of the adhering to was the mother church because that the Jesuits in Rome?

a. Saint Peter’s

b. Il Gesù

c. San Giorgio Maggiore

d. Santa Maria Maggiore

Paul III convened the board of directors of Trent in 1545. The was component of i m sorry of the following?

a. The hundred Years’ War

b. The organization of Cambrai

c. The Counter-Reformation

d. The Hanseatic League

____ affected Raphael’s perspective device in his marital relationship of the Virgin.

a. Bronzino

b. Andrea del Sarto

c. Perugino

d. Signorelli

The dome Bramante designed because that Saint Peter’s in Rome would have actually resembled which of the following?

a. Pantheon, Rome

b. Hagia Sophia, Constantinople (Istanbul)

c. Florence Cathedral

d. Saint Mark’s, Venice

after ~ Bellini’s fatality in 1516, ____ ended up being the official painter that the Republic the Venice.

a. Pontormo

b. Veonese

c. Titian

d. Leonardo da Vinci

___ was the most influential church building in the later on cinquecento.

a. The Villa Rotonda

b. The Tempietto

c. Il Gesù

d. The Laurentian Library

The classic interpretation that the meaning of Michelangelo’s tombs for the Medici together the soul’s climb was affected by ____.

a. Protestantism

b. Neoplatanism

c. Scholasticism

d. Orthodoxy

In Leonardo’s critical Supper, the countless preparatory sketches and studies he created the work indicate how closely he thought about this job-related as a complete entity representing the entire story and also its theme. Based on this, which of the adhering to would describe Leonardo’s conceptualization the the numbers from his last Supper?

a. Each figure was individualized.

b. He grouped the numbers in threes, and they every expressed the same emotion.

c. He provided the emotions that rage and sorrow because that each figure showing up at each end of the table.

d. Every the numbers expressed only rage.


In Raphael’s Stanza della Segnatura, that reconciled the philosophies and also teachings the Plato and Aristotle. I m sorry of the following have additionally been reconciled?

a. Julius II and also Lorenzo de’ Medici

b. Rome and Florence

c. Rome and England

d. Humanism and Christianity


In the development of Adam, Michelangelo fashioned the conception of God after ~ ____.

a. The oriental Pantokrator

b. Olympian deities

c. Medieval representations

d. Andrea del Sarto


Which artists’s assertion of his authority anticipated contemporary concepts of the artist?

a. Michelangelo

b. Benvenuto Cellini

c. Giovanni da Bologna

d. Christoforo Foppa (Caradosso)


Who was the Venetian painter who produced dynamic compositions, frequently by method of swirling clouds and also fitful light?

a. Giorgione

b. Tintoretto

c. Giovanni Bellini

d. Raphael


The artist that the assumption in Parma’s Cathedral, ____ best contribution to be illusionistic ceiling perspective paintings.

a. Andrea del Sarto’s

b. Correggio’s

c. Michelangelo’s

d. Titian’s


Titian’s conference of Bacchus and Ariadne was many likely inspired by ____.

a. Classic art

b. The tradition of romantic poetry

c. The sermons of Savonarola

d. Scholastic philosophy


. Clearly shows in his David, fairly than concentrating his initiatives on right beauty, the artist Michelangelo concentrated on ____.

a. Details the his clothing

b. Dramatic gestures

c. Delicate, slender hands

d. Pent-up emotion


Reflecting the affect of ____, Raphael consisted of his portrait in the enjoy in his painting of Pope Leo X.

a. Mannerism

b. Giotto

c. Netherlandish art

d. Venetian painters


The cook architect of the Venetian Republic from 1570 till his death was ____.

a. Giulio Romano

b. Michelangelo

c. Della Porta

d. Palladio


The significant center because that artistic advancement in the High Renaissance was ____.

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a. Florence

b. Mantua

c. Rome

d. Parma


Although ladies had many limitations together artists, ____ prove the important function women played together art patrons.

a. Isabella d’Este

b. Sofonisba Anguissola

c. Isabella the Aragon

d. Lucrezia Tornabuoni


Velazquez, Maids that Honor, Baroque

Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes, Baroque

Durer, self Portrait, north renaissance

Caravaggio, phone call of Saint Matthew, baroque

Brunelleschi, Il Duomo, early Renaissance

Botticelli, birth of Venus, at an early stage Renaissance

Bosch, Garden that Earthly Delights, northern Renaissance

Bernini, Piazza that St. Peter"s, Baroque

Bernini, David, baroque

Genre painting

ordinary civilization doing plain things

donor painting

a painting showing the human being who i was delegated the work

linear perspective

counter reformation

movement to against the protestant reformation



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