If friend were given some frumenty in ~ a medieval Christmas party, you would certainly probably: A) Eat itB) Burn that C) placed it in her sweetheart's hair D) usage it come polish your boots Quiz question #2
The very first charity Christmas map was developed by UNICEF in 1949. The snapshot chosen because that the card was painted no by a skilled artist but by:
A) A chimpanzeeB) A blind male C) A seven-year-old girlD) A buddhism monk
Quiz inquiry #3
"Hot cockles" was famous at Christmas in middle ages times. The was:
A) A food of oysters and mussels B) A warm spiced drink C) A video game in i m sorry a blindfolded person was to win D) The location of a popular drinking song
Quiz inquiry #4
throughout the old 12-day Christmas celebration, that was taken into consideration unlucky to:
A) allow the log in the fireplace stop burning B) SneezeC) spill wine or ale D) hunting reindeer
Quiz concern #5
"Mumming plays" with classic plots have been appreciated at Christmas time in Europe since the center Ages.In England, the main character is usually:
A) King ArthurB) Pinocchio C) Robin HoodD) St. George
Quiz inquiry #6
at lavish Christmas feasts in the middle Ages, swans and also peacocks were sometimes served "endored".This means:
A) The feet and also beaks were coated v gold B) The guest knelt in adoration together the birds were carried in C) The birds had been elevated on grain wet in brandy D) The flesh was painted v saffron liquified in melted butter
Quiz concern #7
among the adventures of Sherlock Holmes bring away place throughout the Christmas season. The story hinges upon:
A) A burglary disguised together Father Christmas B) A blue diamond discovered in a goose C) A cat trapped in an organ pipe D) A poisoned flask the Napoleon brandy
Quiz inquiry #8
In the Ukraine, if you find a spider net in the residence on Christmas morning it is believed to mean:
A) an excellent luck B) Misfortune will strike in the coming year C) The winter will be person that is abnormal cold D) Your residence needs cleaning!
Quiz inquiry #9
Postmen in victor England were popularly dubbed "robins".

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This was because:
A) The brother postal organization was established by sir Robin Spence B) your uniforms were red C) castle were renowned for whistling together they made their rounds D) They also delivered eggs
Quiz concern #10
"Little Jack Horner" in the nursery rhyme might refer come the guy who to be chief steward to the kidnapping of Glastonbury in the at an early stage sixteenth century. If so, climate the "plum" he traction from his Christmas pie to be actually:
A) A gem - a gift from the abbot for faithful company B) Six gold guineas C) An order banishing that from England D) A deed come a manor in Glastonbury
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