Probably the most famed rhombus out there is the baseball diamond. The distance between each base is the same, making the shape a rhombus!

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A rhombus is a type of parallelogram, and what differentiate its shape is the all 4 of its sides space congruent.

There are several formulas because that the rhombus that have to do with its:

Is a Square a Rhombus?Answer:

Yes, a square is a rhombus A square must have actually 4 congruent sides. Every rhombus has 4 congruent sides so every single square is additionally a rhombus. A square is a distinct rhombus that additionally has 4 appropriate angles.

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Keep in mind that the inquiry "Is a square a rhombus?" means Is every square likewise always a rhombus?

Is Rhombus a Square?Answer:

No, a rhombus is not a square

A square must have actually 4 best angles. A rhombus, top top the other hand, does no have any rules about its angles, so there are many many, instances of a rhombus that space not likewise squares.

Keep in mind that the question "Is a rhombus a square?" method Is every rhombus also always a square?

Diagram 2

$\overlineAB \cong \overlineBC\\\overlineBC \cong \overlineCD\\\overlineCD \cong \overlineDA$

The diagonals bisect the vertex angles of a rhombus.

A proof of this home of the diagonals.


$$\angle AOD = 90^\circ\\\angle AOB = 90^\circ\\\angle BOC = 90^\circ\\\angle cod = 90^\circ\\$$

Area = ½(diagonal1 × diagonal2)
Alex please placed the rhombus calculator hereinput1) side length2) calculation -- edge measurements and also area

STAR is a rhombus. The measure of diagonals SA is 24 and the measure up of TR is 10, what is the perimeter of this rhombus?

Now, that you recognize the length of TA? How have the right to you use the truth that the sides of a rhombusare congruent to finish this problem?

If next MN that rhombus LMNO is X + 5 and also side LM is 2x − 9, what should be the value of x?

Side WZ

The shape listed below is no a rhombus due to the fact that its diagonals space not perpendicular.

However, due to the fact that opposite sides space congruent and also parallel, and also the diagonals bisect every other. The shape below is a parallelogram.

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What is the measure up of the following angles in rhombus ABCD?

ACD = 46° ABD = 44°

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A generalization about the angles of a rhombus

You have the right to think that a rhombus as 4 triangles the are produced by the diagonals such as

What is true about the outside angles in each triangle? An instances of exterior angles are

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Since the diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular, these exterior angles have to be safety angles.

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