I Wonder when He comes Again… what a perfect song to teach ours Primary children with every that’s walk on in the world and the continuous commotion. There’s much pondering on when the Savior’s 2nd Coming might happen.

I’ve gained 3 perfect once He come Again upper and lower reversal Charts below for friend use! whether you love our colorful flip charts or just need a simple flip chart we’ve acquired you covered. Plus, a brand brand-new powerpoint flipchart!

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This sweet main song can aid open increase discussions v the children and in their homes with their families about the indicators of the times, the native of the prophets warning and also foretelling.

It deserve to also aid us store a happy and positive outlook ~ above the things that room to come, even among some that the difficult times that will certainly lead the way.


I love this component from the When He come Again lyrics: “I’m certain he’ll call His tiny ones, with each other ’round his knee.” What a beautiful possibility we have actually while teaching this track to literally gather the children roughly our knee and teach them around the Savior!

When He come Again upper and lower reversal Chart

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The main Flip chart for as soon as He come Again have the right to be download below, yet I want to be sure you also had several of our top resources for gaining started with flip charts! First, this list of all main Flip Charts will help you discover all the print outs for this year’s songs!

Once you’ve printed out few of the upper and lower reversal charts, friend may likewise want to visit this post to see exactly how I use flip charts! There’s part handy advice in there because that making the many out of utilizing your upper and lower reversal charts.

I yes, really do have some nice little hacks up my sleeve! examine out this write-up to uncover all my tips & top for utilizing Flip Charts! i love having actually flip charts available, as there is simply so much you can do v them! Heck, I even planned 10 basic singing time upper and lower reversal chart lesson plans on just utilizing your flip charts!


When He come Again Lyrics

Verse 1:

I wonder, once he come again, will herald angels sing? Will planet be white through drifted snow, or will the civilization know spring?I wonder if one star will certainly shine far brighter than the rest; will daylight stay the whole night through? will songbirds leaving their nests?I’m certain he’ll contact his small ones with each other ’round his knee, since he stated in days gone by, “Suffer lock to pertained to me.”

Verse 2:

I wonder, as soon as he comes again, will I be all set there to look upon his love face and also join through him in prayer?Each work I’ll shot to carry out his will and let my irradiate so shine that others see me may seek for higher light divine.Then, as soon as that blessed work is here, he’ll love me and he’ll say, “You’ve offered me well, my little child; come depend my eight to stay.”

When He comes Again to sing Time flip Chart Printable


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This upper and lower reversal chart has actually 3 vibrant pages per verse with systematic pictures and also colors that assist the kids connect with the lyrics of the song. It’s tough to pick simply one city from this song, because I like them both! and also they both really build on each other! but you can print either verse or both come teach this year.

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