In many countries, "te quiero" is a way to say "I love you." Is there one more spanish expression to median "I desire you" without it having actually the romantic connotation?

yes, "I want you" is romantic, yet I believed "te quiero" was really loving. Isn't over there a difference? - nomies, DIC 8, 2010
I admit it, the same inquiry has entered my mind. What if I want to speak I desire you there is no the possibility of gift misunderstood for ns love you. I've just welcomed that till I learn more to go with general definitions upon context. - EL_MAG0, DIC 9, 2010

Maybe anyone is having so much trouble v this because desire and also love need to be linked.....

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I intend if you desire to separate them you should say...."I want lot does the cost?"


I think I recognize now, however I am uncertain how you would say this.

"Te quiero" in Spanish is choose "I have feelings because that you" in english."Te deseo" is choose "I want you" however if you stated something favor that to a girl the the facility of México (Puebla, Morelos, México City, Queretaro) It´s probably make the she would certainly feel uncomfortable.A expression the is an ext aceptable is "Me gustas" that average that you feeling attracted come her

Welcome to "English" must be capitalized. This thread is in reality from 2010. - rac1, FEB 20, 2017

It"s quite simple and it"s the very same as in English, as all of the instances indicate. If over there is an clear or implied thing that you want that is no sexual, the phrase is not sexual. . .otherwise the is, in both languages.

Having check out all the articles so far I to be inclined to think that we must be much much more specific when we shot to tell someone we want protect against amibiguity. I am writing this article to aid clarify one amibiguous expression, fairly than to get extra points!

I desire what....???

Do we simply want them together a friend?

I want /would prefer to have actually you as a friend/make friends through you

= Quiero /Me gustaría ....hacer amigos contigo

I desire to/would like to merely enjoy your friendship

=Quiero /Me gustaría disfrutar la amistad contigo

or execute we want to tell them us love them?

eg I love friend (very much) = dare quiero (mucho)

Do we desire them to perform something for us? (practical)

eg: I want/would favor you to help me repaint the house

= Quiero que / o Me gustaría que me ayades pintar la casa.

The allude I to be trying to make - despite the possibility that mine Spanish may not be perfect - is the we should be certain when we use language and use adequate vocabulary to communicate our message. Trying to it is in concise and express ourselves in simply a few words have the right to make it much more likely that our post will it is in misunderstood.

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Using the exactly words(accurate expressions) once we interpret to another language is better than using too couple of and making it ambiguous.