Staunton, Virginia is the home of mar Baldwin College, the home of president Woodrow Wilson but much more importantly in my book, the house of the nation Music room of reputation group, The Statler Brothers. Harold, Don, Phil and Jimmy (Lew).

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I very first heard the team in 1965. I still remember wherein (drive approximately the square in Frankfort, Indiana) once the song. “Carry Me Back” come on the vehicle radio. The lyrics caught my attention.That would be the start of a love affair with the group. Over the years i would check out them plenty of times and on a few occasions have the great luck come sit and talk v them. They created so much of your material, particularly the two brothers Don and Harold Reid. Much of their material had a solid appeal to those of united state who thrived up in the 1950s’. “The class of 57 had actually its dream, us all believed the people would change to fit our needs.”
The various other night continuing to be in Staunton, as my wife and I come in native dinner, walking into the hotel lobby i picked increase a neighborhood newspaper. When I provided to travel I always tried to acquire a local paper not simply a national file but a regional one. Local documents give you a feel for the community.
Getting back to the room ns sat down through a cup that coffee come look at the paper. Coming to close to the back of the document was a section entitled, “Engagements and Weddings.” as I looked in ~ this section automatically I to be taken back to one of my favourite songs of theirs that Don had written. 

Backstage one night at a Johnny Cash concert in which, the Statler Brothers were a component of, my good friend Cohort (Mike) and I inquiry Harold about the text of that song. “Was that tune true,”? He offered us a smile and also a fast answer, “Ask Don.” 
I to be reminded of other Tom T. Hall had once said to me as soon as I asking him about a girl called Barbara pedestrian in a track he had written. I had asked him “was that line true.” he paused a moment and then claimed to me, I’ve never forgotten, “Every song is true…… someone.”
Yes the tune “I experienced Your photo In The Paper”, correct it was true. True to probably more than simply “someone.” numerous someone’s. I also knew one or two.

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Larry Adamson was elevated in Indiana. ~ teaching and also coaching for number of years he functioned as director of Championships at the United states Golf combination in NJ. He’s retired, living just outside Nashville,TN. He blogs around his favorite things: sports, music, old cars, and also the good ole days.