Want to tell that special someone ‘I miss out on you!” in Korean? In this post, we will teach you how to say “I miss out on you” in Korean therefore you have the right to tell the ones girlfriend love that you are thinking that them. You’ll find out the informal, polite, and formal ways to say “I miss out on you” in Korean, how to questioning “Do you miss me?” in Korean, and also some other beneficial expressions you deserve to say to those you care about.If she in a rush and also want to learn just how to say “I miss you” in oriental quickly, then right here it is:

“I miss you” in oriental is 보고 싶어요 (bo-go-si-peo-yo). This is made up of the verb 보다 (to see) add to the ending ~고 싶어요 (want) and also literally method “I desire to check out you.” 보고 싶어요 is used when you desire to refer “I miss you” in Korean.

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"I miss out on You" in oriental – Informal"I miss You" in oriental – Polite"I miss out on You" in oriental – Formal"Do You miss Me?" In KoreanMore ways To to speak "I miss You" In Korean

Most of the time once you desire to say “I miss out on you” in Korean, you use the not blocked form. This is due to the fact that usually, the human being you desire to to speak “I miss you” come is who you room close to. It would certainly be a little strange to say “I miss you” to someone you’re no close to, right?보고 싶어. (bo-go-si-peo)보고 싶어 is the informal method / casual way to speak “I miss out on you” in Korean. This is comprised of 보다 (to see) and also 고 싶다 (want in Korean). Together you have the right to see, there is no polite or official ending included to this expression and also so this can only be provided with people you space close to.

“I miss You” in korean – Polite


There are some instances in i m sorry you can want to usage the polite means to say “I miss out on you” in Korean. Imagine girlfriend were talking to a co-worker, or who you space not really close with and also you want to tell them that you miss out on your friend (남자친구가 보고 싶어요). In this instance, friend would desire to use the polite form because it would be crude to usage casual language through someone you are not that close with.보고 싶어요. (bo-go-si-peo-yo)보고 싶어요 is the polite means to speak “I miss out on you” in Korean. As you deserve to see, that is the exact same as the informal way above v 요 added to the end. This ‘요’ makes the sentence polite, and so you have the right to use this expression in many situations and also you would certainly sound polite.

“I miss out on You” in oriental – Formal


There room not many instances in which girlfriend would use the formal method to to speak “I miss you” in Korean, but there space some. Formal language in oriental is supplied when you desire to sound an extremely respectful and formal. Imagine, for instance, you’re offering a public speech and want come say “I miss my family.” (가족이 보고 싶습니다). In this instance, formal language must be provided as that is public speech and so you must sound polite and respectful come the audience.보고 싶습니다. (bo-go-sip-sum-ni-da)The formal means to to speak “I miss out on you” in korean is 보고 싶습니다. This is made up of the verb 보다 (to see) and the formal ending ~(스)ㅂ니다.

“Do You miss Me?” In Korean


I’m certain if girlfriend tell someone special that you miss them, you more than likely want to understand if they miss you too, right? Here’s how to asking “Do you miss me?” in Korean:나 보고 싶어? (na-bo-go-si-peo?)As you deserve to see, ‘나 보고 싶어?’ doesn’t have a polite or officially ending, and so that is the informal means to to speak “Do you miss me?” in Korean.

More means To speak “I miss You” In Korean

Here are some more ways to say “I miss out on you” in oriental that you may come throughout while researching Korean.

그리워요 – If friend look increase “I miss you” in a dictionary you’ll probably discover the verb 그립다 (to miss). However, this way to to speak “I miss out on you” in oriental is not offered in normal talked language. You’re an ext likely to uncover 그리워요 in literature and also in some oriental songs.얼굴 보고 싶어요 – This expression is made up of the noun 얼굴 (face) plus 보다 (to see) to add ~고 싶어 (want) and literally method “I want to check out your face.” This expression can additionally be used in instances once you want to speak “I miss out on you” in Korean.

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보고 싶어해요 – when talking about a 3rd party, the expression ‘to miss out on somebody’ is a tiny different. Because that example, imagine you wanted to to speak “Sumin misses she family” (수민은 가족을 보고 싶어해요). In this case, you room talking about a third party (Sumin) and so 보고 싶어해요 (not 보고 싶어요) must be used.진짜 보고 싶어요 – 진짜 way ‘really’ and also so 진짜 보고 싶어요 way “I really miss out on you.”너무 보고 싶어요 – 너무 means ‘so much’ and so 너무 보고 싶어요 means “I miss out on you for this reason much.”