Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born September 27, 1982), recognized professionally together Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. Lil Wayne"s career started in 1991 at the age of nine, as soon as he was discovered by Bryan "Baby" Williams and joined Cash Money records as the youngest member of the label, and fifty percent of the duo... More

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Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born September 27, 1982), well-known professionally together Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. Lil Wayne"s career began in 1991 in ~ the age of nine, once he was uncovered by Bryan "Baby" Williams and also joined Cash Money documents as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo The B.G."z, together fellow brand-new Orleans-based rapper B.G., then known as Lil" Doogie. In 1996, Lil Wayne and B.G. Join the southerly hip hop group Hot Boys, v Cash Money label-mates Juvenile and also Turk. Hot Boys debuted with gain It how U Live!, that same year. Many of the group"s success came v their platinum-selling album Guerrilla warfare (1999) and also the 1999 solitary "Bling Bling". For plenty of years, he to be the flagship artist of Cash Money Records, before ending his long-tenured resolve the agency in June 2018.
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Lil Wayne – Crying out For Me Lyrics

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Uh huhMarioAnd Young Weezy infant (Oh)So you know that only way one thingThis the remix baby-Lil' WayneSo i met this shawty the other dayI obtained her numba referred to as her upLike what girlfriend doin' she to speak nothinI to speak what's goodShe say not muchI to speak guess whatShe say what's upI say ns think we must hook upShe say uhI speak whatShe speak butI say yet why friend stuckShe speak fuckI speak whoShe say no youI said then whoShe speak you knowI recognize whatYou understand whoI stated I doShe said you doI said I do but I really don'tBecause it's girlfriend that ns really wantAnd we have the right to do what you really wantGirl we grown and if the ain't gon treat you rightThen i ain't gon treat you wrongThat's mine wordAnd she done heard so many liesShe don't what's true or notShawty like a sink serversI make an oath she been through a lotBut I placed her automobile in parkAnd never ever let her cry aloneI listen to her heart beatBecause the plays my favourite song(Chrous)I can hear her heart crying the end for me (crying the end for me)I deserve to hear your heart crying out for me(And that keeps on saying) which in, come on in which in and save me(And it keeps ~ above saying) which in, which in which in and save me(I can baby) I have the right to hear your heart crying out for me-MarioBaby, i should've never captured no feelingsBut baby having late night switch on your sofaYou informing me how he played you the end over and over, over and overBut I'm stuck in the middle of see you hurtI recognize when friend love himAnd you wanna make it workAnd i can't aid but think that ns knew friend firstIt's obtaining louderGirl ns can't overlook it no an ext babyI don't wanna confuse things (no)But I just can't store lying come myselfWhen you're hold me (when you're hold me)I have the right to feel your pain five baby permit me be your dreamI'm the prize come view me (see me)And girlfriend don't need to cry no much more (you don't need to cry)Girl I can hear your heart babyI can hear your heartGirl it's cryingWon't you hear to her heart, babyGirl I have the right to hear, hear the cry because that me, because that me, for me, me, me, me(whoo)Ladies wave your hand in the airLadies wave your hands in the airOh oh babyIt's crying for meIt's crying because that me because that me