When you draw out the an initial blueprint of your dream home or new addition, how large your hallways must be may not be foremost on your mind. But it’s a attribute that is bound come come up together you come closer to construction. It’s important to have actually hallways that will be comfortable and accommodate just how you plan to use them. We’ve done the work-related to provide you accuse on how large a hallway must be.

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The minimum hallway width by regulation is 36 inches. However, this might seem an extremely narrow to many inhabitants, and the generally welcomed standard is 42 inches in width. There may be a need for a higher width that 48 to 72 inches in several circumstances, such as accommodations because that furnishings, wheelchair accessibility, and L-shaped hallways.

So currently you recognize basically how vast your hallway must be, yet there is much an ext that can go right into your structure plans through respect come hallways. Keep analysis to discover more.


Minimum Hallway Width

The minimum broad for a hallway in a home is 36 inches or 3 feet. This is follow to ar R311.6 of the 2018 global Residential Code.

The reason for this is that the powers-that-be have identified the minimum lot of space first responders and rescue personnel could possibly need to provide and provide aid come an inhabitant that the house if the require arises.

The hallway must have the ability to accommodate a gurney, and also a very first responder standing next to it. It must additionally be able to accommodate a firefighter, your equipment, and one various other person. Castle have established this is the quantity of area needed in the case.

If the required hallway broad was narrower than 36 inches, emergency personnel can have great difficulty reaching a human in require of help. For this reason the building code contains this regulation.

Reasons To go Wider

Accommodating Furnishings

Most of united state imagine the method our residence will be decorated and furnished, even down to what will line the hallways. The problem is, if you have actually hallways as small as 36 inches, you might not be able to add furnishings and decorations as you planned. If friend do, they will quickly start to feel like a tunnel.

To include console tables, plants, and also other furnishings, we suggest going v at least 42 inch in broad for your hallways. Alternatively, 48 inches broad would be even better.

Handicap and Wheelchair Accessibility

Creating larger hallways is a have to if there will certainly be those life in or visiting the residence who space handicapped or need a wheelchair. Most wheelchairs are in between 25 to 32 inches wide, and this way that over there is a minimum of 36 inches of room needed to do a complete turn.

According come ADA (Americans through Disabilities Act) requirements, the minimum hallway width in a handicap-accessible home is 48 inch wide. This is to accommodate both a human in a wheelchair as well as an additional person aside.

The reality is that it is constantly easier and cheaper to arrangement for broader hallways in the original construction than to make alters later on. If you plan to retiree in the home or want the home to it is in attractive to future buyers who may need handicap accessibility, it’s a smart move to build larger hallways.

L-shaped Hallways

Hallways with turns deserve to pose a an obstacle for moving furniture in and also out of the adjoining rooms, specifically if the hallway is also narrow. Because that hallways that space planned come be constructed in an ‘L’ or an additional shape, it would be a great idea to construct them wider.

Not only would it make for a much much more convenient move, yet it would certainly also include comfort to the home. As this hallway might be long and not feature any windows, it may feel really closed in and dark if developed at the minimum width.

Can A narrow Hallway be Widened?

Once the home has been framed, this may not it is in an attractive option. That is unless you are willing come eat right into surrounding rooms or add square footage because that a larger hallway. In which case, you additionally have to be mindful not to take away weight-bearing walls and other architectural features that are vital to the integrity and also safety of your home.

A licensed contractor may be able to create a plan to widen a hallway if the is your desire, but it could price you dearly in other areas. Fortunately, over there are means to make a narrow hallway look bigger without such drastic measures.


When considering selections for lighting in a small area such together a hallway, it’s vital to be sure that the light will be ample enough and also hitting all of the areas in the hallway to make it watch larger. It’s also important to choose sources of light that will not take up too lot space.

Some an excellent choices for wall lighting might be sconces and wall lamps. They room decorative, yet they likewise send irradiate downward to hit the floor and reflect up towards the ceiling, creating an illusion the a higher ceiling and also greater width.


Take a look at this wall surface sconce we found on Amazon.

Another idea for making a small hallway look bigger is by utilizing uplighting. Fixtures that send irradiate upward, hitting the ceiling and also reflecting around the space, are a great way to include dimension and make a little area look at wider.

Decorating broad Hallways


A wide hallway is a blessing, to be sure, but it deserve to seem an extremely bare if left without furnishings and also decor. Fortunately, a greater amount of an are opens up your options for placing family members decor. Us suggest wall mirrors, console tables, or floating shelves for medium-width hallways such as 42 to 48 inches.

For particularly large-width hallways, you may even consider constructing a seating area, either v two armchairs and a table or a decorative sofa.

How execute you light a hallway?

Large halls speak grandeur, and this is why it can be suitable to go v oversized bright in this area that the home. A huge pendant or chandelier deserve to be offered in a ar which you would favor to attract attention to, such together a seating area or decorative painting.


Check the end this industrial chandelier we found on Amazon.

Another choice for irradiate fixtures in a big hall can be a heat of pendants. This is particularly fitting if the hallway has actually tall ceilings, as it will accentuate this feature.

Related Questions

What Is thought about A Hallway?

A hallway is a passageway between two rooms in a residence. For a hallway come be thought about a hallway by the global Residential Code, it have to be at the very least 36 inches in width and also connect rooms in ~ a residence. The amount of rooms is no specified.

However, if a passageway extends outdoors in any method to attach two buildings, this is no a hallway, but a corridor.

What Is The Minimum broad For A Residential main Entrance?

The main entrance that a home is described in the international Residential code as an egress or to escape door. The problem of those developing the password is the inhabitants’ safety, and thus the worry is whether the door is big enough for those in the home to escape conveniently if necessary.

According come the structure code, one egress door must be 32 inches in width and 72 inch in height. Not just will this enable people to leave v ease, however it have to also allow emergency workers to enter the home if require be.

Most former doors offered today for residential dwellings are 36 inch in width. However, older residences may have actually been built with smaller sized entryways.

In Closing

Your hallways, consisting of their width, room a vitally vital feature in your building and construction plans. The minimum hallway width mentioned by legislation is 36 inches. Nonetheless, the standard amongst builders is 42 customs in width, and failing to create huge enough halls could result in tunnel-like, uncomfortable passageways in your home.

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We imply taking right into account her plans for furnishings and decor, requirements for handicap or wheelchair accessibility, and hallway shapes and uses before deciding in between narrow or large hallways. As always, execute what will fit your very own needs and also make you feel cheerful in her home.

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