: for that factor : because of that : therefore, hence … there is no sound, ergo, no speed of sound, in the vacuum that space.— Stephan Wilkinson

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Synonyms: Adverb

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Adverb There"s no win-win case for employees of the world, in the current era at least. American steelworkers right here do better, ergo Russian and also South korean steelworkers abroad do worse. — Alexander Cockburn, Nation, 3 Jan. 2000 He that comforts my mam is the cherisher of mine flesh and also blood; he the cherishes mine flesh and blood loves mine flesh and blood; he the loves my flesh and also blood is mine friend; ergo, he the kisses my wife is my friend. — william Shakespeare, All"s Well the Ends Well, 1603 The products are poorly constructed; ergo, they break easily. according to that line that reasoning, the eyewitness couldn"t determine the aircraft, ergo that must have actually been from one more planet
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Recent examples on the Web: Adverb rather cuter is the Oxo great Grips Compost Bin ($20), a squarish plastic affair the bears the this firm ergo-mod aesthetic and also is available in white or black. — Steven Sclaroff, New York Times, 20 Nov. 2019 Longtime Toronto pundit Damien Cox this previous week suggested that the remedy might have to it is in a Marner trade, with the Leafs getting back young, promise (ergo: cheap) talent in the kind of, say, a top-six forward and top-four defenseman. — Kevin Paul Dupont, BostonGlobe.com, 7 Sep. 2019 Apparently, ergo gets right into the food chain various other than through mushroom consumption via mushroom in the soil. — Robert Beelman, CNN, 25 Apr. 2018 In the hubbub around this controversy, likely many doctors felt also embarrassed come grab the pharma handout—ergo my reborn popularity. — Kent Sepkowitz, Slate Magazine, 17 Feb. 2017 The an international television audience is (at least) sixteen hundred times together big; ergo, the halftime show is much more music video than live concert. — Amanda Petrusich, The brand-new Yorker, 6 Feb. 2017 Isaacson helps us appropriate away through The huge One: Jobs can have feeling abandoned since he was placed up because that adoption, ergo, sentenced come a life of trying to find approval. — man C Abell, WIRED, 27 Oct. 2011

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History and Etymology because that ergo


middle English, indigenous Latin, native Old Latin, because of, indigenous Old Latin *e rogo from the direction (of)

Combining form

French, indigenous ergot

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The first known usage of ergo remained in the 14th century

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