Age: UnknownBirthplace: planet KashyyykHeight: 6"1”Weight: 178 lbs.

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Birth Date: UnknownBlood Type: UnknownWeapon: LightsaberWeapon Name: UnknownDiscipline: Self-TaughtFamily: Father/Deceased, Master/Darth Vader

Unlocked: to win Arcade setting with Yoda (X360) or Darth Vader (PS3).

He is the son of a Jedi Knight, brought up in secret as Darth Vader"s apprentice. The Apprentice sets out to complete an enig missions once his master regulates it. Once a tide of power is detected in space, the Apprentice is sent out to identify it. Learning a dimensional portal, he immediately enters and also finds himself in an additional galaxy.


Darth Vader"s mystery apprentice, well-known simply together “The Apprentice,” is the cross-platform Star battles guest character. Though he didn"t show up in any kind of of the movies, that is main character that the upcoming Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed video clip game. Favor Vader and also Yoda, The Apprentice sporting activities a pressure Meter—an element exclusive come the Star wars characters—below his HP Gauge. Details moves require pressure power. Attempts to use pressure moves while the gauge is empty will result in a temporary stun. While several pressure moves enable him to strike at long-range, his lightsaber move are finest suited because that mid or close range combat. Though he has countless quick and an effective moves, The Apprentice"s absence of fast low strikes can it is in an issue, particularly when fighting up close.

Combo Clip

The video below shows the adhering to combinations. The directional notation system is supplied to explain each move.

Combo 1: 3B, 8~A, A, B, BCombo 2: 2B~WC 8K, AForce Lightning: 44A BCombo 3: 66B~A B~6B, B, K


Please review through "The Basics" and "Fighting Terms" because that an explanation of the "directional notation" and the fighting terms used to define strategy.

The Apprentice"s pressure powers offer him one edge that many characters lack at long-range, but pay fist to the pressure Meter listed below your HP Gauge, together attempts come use force powers while the meter is empty will result in a short-lived stun. Force Wave (236B) is a low, linear assault that can reach your opponent from any type of range, despite it have the right to be clogged while crouching and is easy enough to sidestep. Pressure Lightning (44A B) is one Unblockable mid attack, therefore your foe must sidestep it to stop taking damage. Make use of The Apprentice"s pressure Flips (direction A K) and also Force Levitation (A K) come dodge straight verticals or to simply confuse your foe.

Hit your foe with Mist Cutter (hold 6, B) if they miss an attack, or traction them in the direction of you with pressure Grab (A B). Keep in mind that force Grab will only work on standing opponents, also if they are guarding. After force Grab, follow up v a seize or Star divide into force Levitation (3B, 8) and then A, A, B, B or A, A, A B. Galactic Breaker (hold 6, A B, B) is a quick stun relocate that can be adhered to by the Star divide combo above. Pressure Blast (2A B) is finest used against a climbing opponent, as it will certainly launch them and also is difficult to avoid. Save Star Raid bright (during force Levitation (A K) B K) in psychic too.

At close-range, exploit Apprentice"s rapid moves such as Mist Splitter (B, B), Apprentice Combo (A, A, B) and also Side Saber (1B). Knee drive (3K) is a quick jab that deserve to be supplied to interrupt attacks and also it will stun on a counter-hit. Mist Slicer (2B) puts the Apprentice right into a crouching animation, so conveniently follow through Flipping Saber litter (while crouching 8K, A) to perform a nifty combo.

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Your biggest difficulty at close-range will undoubtedly be the Apprentice"s absence of good low attacks. Orbital Thrust (2K, B) is your best bet, together it is a short to med string that ducks under high attacks. Store Flipping Saber litter (while crouching 8K, A) in mind if you"re crouching to block a short attack, or if one of your opponent"s attacks sets girlfriend crouching. If you discover yourself through your back to the edge, Apprentice"s B G throw can score a Ring Out with ease; if your foe is far enough, shot Force seize (A B) together they approach, and also then walk for the throw.