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How to recognize A Cockatiel’s Gender? Male and also Female Differences

Post author:Emily DavisPost published:August 25, 2021Post category:Birds

Many parrots space not sexually dimorphic, meaning you can not tell even if it is they are male or female simply by looking at them. Cockatiels are an exception. Next from part mutations such together lutinos, the color of males and also females differ when birds have reached complete maturity.Summary the today’s article:At what age can friend tell the sex of a cockatielHow come identify sex of cockatielIs it better to acquire a male or woman cockatielMale and also female behavior likewise tends to be distinctive. Through a young bird or a color variation the blurs the line between male and female, gender often can still be established through behavior.

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At What period Can friend Tell the sex of a Cockatiel?

Cockatiel chicken molt their an initial set that feathers and begin to gain their adult coloration at six to nine months the age. Around the exact same time, you may an alert behaviors that will lead you to think a chick is either male or female.You may have the ability to accurately guess her tiel’s gender even before he creates his adult colors based upon behavior. However, beforehand traits can readjust as chicks flourish older, for this reason you might be surprised as soon as a chick’s colors and personality blossom with adulthood to uncover that her original sex guess to be off.If girlfriend need aid on just how to gauge their adulthood, do examine out our popular post about how to tell the period of a cockatiel.

How come Identify gender of Cockatiel

If you have actually a great grasp that male/female shade patterns, color mutations, and also cockatiel behavior, friend will many likely be able to combine these facts to recognize your bird’s gender also if the individual different from the share in one way or another.

Method #1. Shade Patterns

Once cockatiels have actually gone through their an initial molt at 6 to nine months, you will have the ability to tell if they are male or mrs by observing your distinctive color patterns uneven your bird is among several color mutations we’ll discuss later.cockatiel male or female differencesA female cinnamon cockatiel will have a pale tan faceIf her bird is a typical gray, whiteface, fallow, cinnamon, or silver, the following features apply.Male cockatiels will have actually solid yellow faces and bright orange cheek patches. If her bird is a masculine whiteface cockatiel (lacking any yellow pigment), his challenge will it is in pure white. With their an initial molt, masculine tiels will shed the yellow or white bars on your tail feathers and the spots on the underside of your wing feathers.Female cockatiel encounters will be largely gray or tan with only clues of yellow (or white if whitefaced). In many cases, their cheek patches will certainly be duller orange (none if whiteface). Females additionally retain the gray and yellow barred markings on their tail feathers and the point out on your wing feathers that all juveniles have.

Method #2. Color mutations

The following color mutations have the right to make visually sexing your tiel much more complicated, and also with part mutations, you’ll have to rely top top other signs altogether.Pied: whether you’ll have the ability to visually sex a pied teal depends on the individual bird and what various other mutation crosses space involved. Females may have much more yellow on your faces and also bright cheek patches. Part pied tiels known as “dirty-face pied” will have a gray spot on their faces, instead of the yellow mask if castle a male. If your pied tiel has actually retained she barred tail markings, she female. However, if he has a dark tail and no bars, he is male. If the tail is totally light-colored, friend will have to rely on actions or DNA sexing to be certain of your bird’s gender.
cockatiel gender identificationAn adult male common gray cockatiel will have actually a glowing yellow faceLutino: female lutinos will commonly retain the impede on their tail, though it will be faint. If the bird is a lutino pied, barring might not be evident, and other observations will be forced to determine gender.Yellowface: Yellowface cockatiels have actually no cheek patches, yet all other shade patterns are similar to normal grays. Males will have actually yellow heads and also lose their barring, while females will have actually mostly gray faces and also retain their barring.Pearl: Males will shed their pearled markings v their first couple of molts until they look prefer a normal male. Woman pearl tiels will store the pearled markings. Pearl pied males may retain several of their pearling.Pastel face: Cheek patches will not be substantially brighter in males, however other color patterns will be definitive.Albino (also well-known as whiteface lutino): This pure white bird is impossible to sex using shade patterns. Next note: If your bird is pure white however has dark eyes, she is a clean pied, no an albino. Intuitive sexing will certainly still not be come identify sex of cockatielPied tiels may be challenging to visually sex. Both of this cockatiels are males

Method #3. Behavioral Differences

Individual bird will naturally differ in behavior, but some basic observations have the right to often aid you determine whether your bird is male or female.Male cockatiels space generally more vocal and prone come mimic. At approximately six month old, lock will generally be whistling, singing, and possibly attempting to mimic sounds. They room also more likely to display off by strutting, hopping, tapping your food key or toys, and lifting their wings right into a heart shape as castle whistle and sing. A masculine cockatiel who hormones are energetic may effort to mate v a toy or other object. (Read more on selecting a for sure toy for birds)Female cockatiels are less likely to song or mimic sounds, although a few individuals do. They are usually quieter and also less likely to communicate in actions simply to show off. A female the wishes to mate will tilt she head, flatten she back, and also rock earlier and soon chirping softly.

Method #4. DNA Testing

If you are unable to identify your cockatiel’s sex from color patterns or behavior and also want to it is in sure, you can have a DNA test done.This will call for obtaining a blood sample (often by clipping a toenail) or plucking a chest feather from your bird.Companies that allow you to collect the sample yourself and mail the in for testing do exist.Make certain you do plenty of research so that you are comfortable v the procedure and may be to carry out it safely.It’s often best to have your vet take treatment of this for you, especially if you collecting a blood sample. A bird can bleed to death far too conveniently if you room unable to prevent the blood flow even from a damaged nail.

Is It much better to get A male or female Cockatiel?

Male and female cockatiels do equally wonderful companions. Both genders can be charming, affectionate, and fun. With suitable interaction, a cockatiel that either sex is among the simplest parrot species to incorporate into your home and also routine.
However, there space a few differences between them that may aid you decide whether a masculine or female is a far better fit for you.

Female specific Personality Traits

A female cockatiel will have tendency to have a quieter or more reserved personality.cockatiel bird genderSome female cockatiels are full of spunk and sassShe is likely to enjoy snuggling increase on her shoulder much more than anything. That course, each individual will certainly vary and also some woman tiels are complete of spunk and also sass.The more you connect with her bird, the more her personality will have actually a chance to shine.

Female details Needs

Female cockatiels crave companionship. As with any parrot, you must be ready to spend huge chunks that time with your bird. She will certainly love nothing much more than to just hang out v you no matter what you room doing. A lonely or boring female cockatiel may speak to repeatedly through a according to whistle.Cockatiels are easily inclined to nest, therefore you must be prepared for a woman cockatiel come lay eggs now and then.Make sure she always has accessibility to a cuttlebone or some other form of calcium to reduce the threat of egg binding.Some woman tiels can end up being chronic egg-layers and also you will have to take measures to discourage this behavior.Try giving your cockatiel approximately 14 hours of complete darkness every night. Frequently cockatiels are engendered to put by lengthy daylight hours.Decrease quantities of wet, soft food if you are feeding any.Remove any kind of boxes or enclosed, nest-like beds and toys indigenous the cage and also discourage poking around in dark drawers or closets.Make sure you are not act anything come sexually stimulate your bird, favor stroking her back.Distract her bird by moving the cage to a new area the the house, introducing brand-new toys, or obtaining her the end to play much more often.cockatiels genderA woman cockatiel displays her distinctive tail stripes if preening her mate

Male specific Personality Traits

Male cockatiels tend to be outgoing, curious, and also entertaining. Castle love to display off, do noise, and also be the center of attention.However, masculine cockatiels will additionally enjoy hanging out on her shoulder or watching together you go about your daily activities. Male tiels are more likely to mimic sound or learn to horn a tune.

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Male certain Needs

Like females, masculine tiels love to have friends, person and/or avian. If you can allow safe totally free flight in at least one room of your house, they will prosper on the exercise and also freedom it provides them.If her cockatiel can’t check out someone or something the is attached to, the may shot to make call with repeated loud calls. Cockatiels space not thought about one of the loudest parrots, but a bored or worried boy can make your ears ring.Whether masculine or female, cockatiels need big cages and plenty that interaction and also companionship.Both genders reap toys, particularly anything they have the right to shred or totter on. Both may end up being skittish or irritable if lock are exhausted or have not took pleasure in enough confident interaction.However, with ideal care and handling, they are amongst the sweetest of feathered friends.