Real Vs. Fake Cartier Glasses

To the buyers the a pair of Cartier sunglasses, the surname is everything. And just as necessary as the surname is the assurance the it’s genuine. Discerning people know the difference, turning the hoped-for status symbol top top the counterfeit wearer into a condition faux pas. While it is a status symbol for the 500 come 2000 dollars worn casually on the leg of your nose, its likewise not one you’d like to pay full price for. This have the right to be done, however buyer beware!. There is constantly some element of hazard in purchase a pair of sunglasses not straight from the Cartier website. So because that the Cartier shopper on a budget, right here is simple buyer’s overview to help you spot and avoid fake Cartier sunglasses. The overview has two sections, one because that appraising a tangible pair the sunglasses you can hold and also inspect, and one v tips to limit her risk when making an online acquisition in order come score a great deal.

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If you can examine the glasses follow this tips:

The best means to check your feasible Cartier acquisition is to usage a well magnifying glass, or jeweler’s loupe, and also look for the distinguishing stamping put by Cartier ~ above every item it has actually made since the beforehand 1910s. This will most most likely be in the type of a serial number located directly under the leg section. The gold print serial number is finest viewed under magnification. In fact, the the number is plainly visible through the unaided eye, it’s most likely a fake. Real examples will also always have “Cartier” and “Paris” engraved top top the bridge of the glasses as well as the dimension of the lens broad in mm stamped together the version number.


If friend do end up to buy counterfeited merchandise then you have actually only two options. You can report the dishonorable purveyor to Cartier on your website, so that Cartier may take appropriate action to defend their products and reputation. Option two is contacting the seller of the counterfeit glasses, and requesting her money back. Obtaining a refund seems prefer a lengthy shot, yet if you word your blog post right, and also detail specifically how you are going to hurt the firm through the exposure of their fraudulent practices, friend may have actually a shot. Going come the authorities might yield little to no outcomes for you. Even when the fraudulent agency is selling products illegally, by falsely advertising the product together genuine, and has activity taken versus it through authorities, i m sorry is unlikely, girlfriend will receive no compensation. For that, you should sue the company directly and is nearly never worth her time and effort.


Authentic Cartier vouch CardCartier glasses are typically sold v a hard leather case, cleaning cloth and an authenticity insurance card.

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Be certain to ask because that a vouch card and also an authenticity guarantee purchasing Cartier glasses. If the glass purchased indigenous a exclusive individual, this info should still be available.