I know (at least I think) there is no a latin equivalent of the English "a," so i guess "One sun will rise," or "Some sunlight will rise," will additionally work. Many thanks in advance.

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sol orietur would usually be understood as "the sunlight will rise." Latin has no unknown article, yet if girlfriend really require "a sun" instead of "the sun," you could use sol quidam orietur.

That's no what quidam means. quidam equates as "a certain", and also it refers to a single fixed point that may not be completely definite. Therefore sol quidam orietur basically way that "there is a certain (single, fixed) sun, and also it will certainly rise". What you space trying come express is sol nescio quis orietur.

Luciscet 'the dawn shall break'.

This literally method 'it shall grow light', however is offered idiomatically to talk around dawn breaking.

A an ext literal translation would be sol orietur 'a sun shall rise'.

How around just the opposite? Livy price quotes Philippus that Macedonia v these words: nondum omnium dierum solem occidisse - "the sun of every days has actually not yet set", "the critical word has not been spoken". (Liv. A.u.c. 39,26) Philippus offers it together a risk in context, however it acquired proverbial status and also became to average that over there is still hope.

A indigenous of warning come OP: that phrase as such cannot function as an live independence sentence. For that, friend would require nondum omnium dierum solar occidit.

Thanks. It's very important come me that it's "a sun" quite than "the sun" because what I'm trying come convey is also though our sun my day and also earth mine no longer exist, what on some planet with life will see their sun. So a much longer version "Somehow somewhere, a sunlight will rise."

The difficulty is that the concept of a(n) together opposed to the just didn't exist for the Romans. Castle didn't have words for those concepts due to the fact that they didn't think around those concepts.

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When we analyze from Latin right into English, we have to decide which article (a(n) or the) renders the many sense due to the fact that there is nothing yet context to tell us. So, if you desire to use sol orietur, you can select for yourself whether that way 'a sunlight shall rise' or 'the sun shall rise', however Latin doesn't care; only English does.