How can I speak so in Like once there is a small silence or maybe someone deviates indigenous the initial topic and also you interject? E.g. So, whereby were we? or So, where are we going? or also So? (after a quiet or expecting one answer).

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You have more than one possibilities:

So, where were we?

So, wo waren wir? Also, wo waren wir? Nun, wo waren wir? Na, wo waren wir? Okay, wo waren wir?

Same for "So, where space we going?"


Na? Und?

Just including to Hubet Schölnast"s (correct) answer, girlfriend will mostly want to usage also for so at the beginning of a sentence. I recognize several English speakers who begin their sentences v so and also (for some reason) I discover it specifically jarring. also resumes the conversation at a point; so says "That"s settled, then".


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