All to be clear come probation. The CACHE had been found and rifled; theseven hundred thousand pounds to be gone!

It is translated for this reason in "La Isla del Tesoro":

Aquello era claro como la luz del día. El escondite había sido descubierto y explotado. ¡Las setecientas mil libras habían desaparecido!

So you check out "seven hundred pounds" (which is a description of just how much the treasure corresponded to in british currency, and also not much exactly how much the booty weighed) is translated as "setecientas mil libras".

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I recognize that "pounds" (unit of weight) has actually a link with "lb" etc., yet does words for the British currency really equate to the exact same word together for the unit that weight?

Or was the translator perplexed by the word?

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Yes, the is most absolutely the exactly translation. Ironically, peso is likewise used together a name for a currency, and it tote this exact same motif that weight the your concern has.

Libra is no only used to express British pounds, but rather, American pounds (lbs).. As weight.

1 libra = 16 onzas

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