Irish, the main official language the Ireland has been spoken on the island for over 2500 years. Its sentence structure and also syntax are really different from the of the English language.

One striking difference is the absence of words because that "yes" and also "no" in Irish.

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This more than likely sounds very strange to any kind of English speaking person. How can you have actually a conversation without these seemingly all essential words?


The pleasure of Conversation


The ireland dislike those straightforward words "yes" and "no". They are method too short and to the point.

A plain an adverse "no" would be simply too pointed, offering the impression the the shopkeeper is no in the the very least bit interested in a good old chat, as soon as you deserve to be specific that a chin wag is constantly on the cards in Ireland.

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Words favor "yes" and also "no" room too polarizing, also stagnant for the Irish. What sort of a chat have the right to you begin with together "useless" tiny words?

And so, as soon as the Irish began speaking English, they chose not to use words prefer "yes" and also "no" that execute nothing to wake up a good conversation.