This section describes how come say "never"in French. Before reading this section, it is recg-tower.commmended that you read the general section on forming negative sentences in French (in other words, making sentences with the identical of "not").

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The identical of "never" in French is typically the cg-tower.comnstruction ne...jamais. This cg-tower.comnstruction functions in a really similar means to the ne...pas cg-tower.comnstruction: ne cg-tower.commes prior to the verb, v jamais after ~ the verb:
Je travaille.I work.Je ne travaille jamais.I never ever work.Suggest a readjust / proposez une modification

Saying "never" through the perfect tense

(If you space unfamiliar v the perfect tense, then it is recg-tower.commmended that you take a look at the section on the perfect tense before reading this part.)

As v ne...pas, in the perfect tense, the two components of ne...jamais go either next of the form of avoir (the so-called auxiliary verb). Because that example:
Il a travaillé.He has actually worked.Il n"a jamais travaillé.He has actually never worked.Suggest a readjust / proposez une modification

Using ne...jamais through pronouns before the verb

As you might be aware, what room sometimes called object pronouns (roughly speaking, the equivalents the me, him etc when they room the thing of the verb) commonly cg-tower.comme prior to the verb in French. Because that example:

Il m"aide.He helps me.Suggest a adjust / proposez une modification

As v ne...pas, if you usage ne...jamais alongside together object pronouns, the ne cg-tower.commes before any type of object pronoun (but tho after the subject). Because that example:

Il ne m"aide jamais.He never ever helps me.Suggest a readjust / proposez une modification

Saying "never" is an isolated word

In English, words never have the right to be used on its own or with a phrase that isn"t a "whole sentence" together such. Because that example, together a "single-word" response to a question:

- do you occupational on Saturdays?- No, never.Suggest a change / proposez une modification
- i work, but never top top Sundays.Suggest a change / proposez une modification
- Tu travailles le samedi?- Non, jamais.

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- Je travaille, mais jamais le dimanche.Suggest a adjust / proposez une modification

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