I to be trying to compose a letter to mine close friend, who is cg-tower.com.Basically, whenever the sentence in English is finished up with words:"Kisses ad Hugs" it renders the intentions that the writer nice obvious.

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I am trying to develop some similar sentence making use of cg-tower.com

Does "Küsse und Umarmungen.", together the finishing sentence in a letter is grammatically correct?


XXX XXXXX XXXXXX Küsse und Umarmungen

I have a emotion that something is missing



walk "Küsse und Umarmungen.", together the finishing sentence in a letter is grammar correct?

Yes it is grammatically correct. But the an ext common expression would be

Küsse und drück Dich


Küsse und umarme Dich



The many idiomatic indigenous that pertains to my mind to express this would use words knuddeln (to cuddling or come hug). Therefore you might write

Ich knuddle Dich Fühl Dich geknuddelt *knuddel*

The last version provides chat slang to express the so-called Inflektiv i m sorry is the cg-tower.com indistinguishable of the English inifinitve there is no "to".


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