This tense is a compound tense. It way that you require two verbs to conjugate it.

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You will an initial need an auxiliary verb, either AVOIR or ÊTRE, that you conjugate in present tense.

Then you will require the past participle that the verb you want to conjugate in passé composé.

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For example:

J’ai parlé (I spoke)Je suis allé (I went)

In English, most past participles finish with -ED (arrived).

In French, castle mostly finish with , -I, -U:

For all continual -ER verbs, remove the -ER indigenous the infinitive and replace it with parler → parléFor all regular -IR verbs, remove the -IR indigenous the infinitive and also replace it v -Ifinir → finiFor all constant -RE verbs, eliminate the -RE native the infinitive and replace it through -Uvendre → vendu

Then you have actually all the irregular verbs the don’t follow any type of pattern and that you have to learn by heart