In Japanese you may want come know just how to say – “I want this” or “I want that” or “I desire to do” something. Similar to in English – over there be much more than one way to speak this.This post breaks under the various ways that you can express desires in Japanese.

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Japanese phrases the express “want” or “wanting to do”

  I want somethingI want to do somethingOther human being want somethingOther people want to carry out something 

I desire SomethingWhen you are expressing something the you great to have actually in Japanese, you have the right to use words ほしい (hoshii).ほしい is one i-adjective. It complies with the grammar rules of i-adjectives in the Japanese Language. (If you desire to learn around another cool i-adjective in the Japanese language – then click here.)An straightforward sentence pattern the you have the right to use is:「 Objects + が +ほしい 」


Japanese Sentence Pattern

Example:新しい携帯がほしい。Atarashii keitai ga hoshii(I)want a brand-new phone.車がほしい。Kuruma ga hoshii(I) want a car.In English –When expressing that you don’t desire something, readjust the wordほしい come its negative kind “ほしくない”.For example:彼がほしくない。Kare ga hoshikunaiI don’t want a boyfriend.

I desire to do Something

When expressing an action which you desire to do, adjust the verb into its masu-form and readjust “ます” to “たい”.For example: “食べます” will certainly be changed to “食べたい”Example of how to refer in a sentence牛乳を/が飲みたい。 Gyuunyuu o/ga nomitai (I) desire to drink milk.*When the verb is a leg verb, both “を” and”が” space correct because that highlightingt the subject.家でゲームしたい。 in other words de ge-mushitai (I) want to play games at home.友だちと買い物に行きたい。Tomodachi come kaimono ni ikitai I desire to walk shopping with my friends.Similar come “ほしい” friend can additionally use the negative kind of “たい” to express something the you don’t desire to do.For example:病院に行きたくない。 Byouin ni ikitakunai ns don’t want to go to a hospital.

Other world Want Something

When express the desires of other people, usage “ほしがっている” rather of “ほしい”.


Japanese Sentence Pattern

*For both ”ほしがっている” and also “たがっている”, the fragment for transitive verb should be constantly “を”.Examples林さんはお金をほしがっている。Hayashi-san wa okane o hoshigatteiruHayashi desires money.

Other world want to perform something

When expressing things other people want to do, instead of utilizing “たい”, change it come “たがっている”妹はいつもアニメを見たがっている Imouto wa itsumo anime o mitagatteiru my younger sister always wants to watch anime.

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母はあの花瓶を買いたがっていますHaha wa ano kabin o kaitagatteimasu My mom wants to buy the vase.