In this blog post, i will try to teach you "love words and also phrases in Slovak" and express various other beautiful feelings to the vital persons in her life. Also, girlfriend will uncover here beneficial dating and also wedding vocabulary.

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About The Slovak Language

Slovak is the main language of just one small country in main Europe and has a full of around six million speakers. It is an amazing language the is comparable to Czech, together they both advanced from the western division of the ancient Proto-Slavic language. Although it’s not necessary to speak Slovak to gain by if visiting Bratislava or various other cool locations in Slovakia, understanding some of these beautiful indigenous could aid you to victory favor (read heart) through the locals.

How come Say Love Words and also Phrases In Slovak

Try to remember these phrases due to the fact that they have the right to mean the civilization to someone.

Slovak English Translation
láska a love
Ľúbim ťa. I love you.
Milujem ťa. I love you.
Milujem ťa, príliš.Ja ťa tiež milujem. I love you too.
Zbožňujem ťa. I adore you.
Mám ťa rád. I favor you.
Mám ťa veľmi rád. I like you very much.
veľmi very much
šťastný happy
Nemôžem bez teba žiť. I can´t live without you.
Robíš ma šťastným. You do me happy.
Znamenáš pre mňa celý svet. You median the world to me.
Znamenáš pre mňa všetko. You mean everything to me.
Som carry out teba. I am right into you.
Ona je krásna. She is beautiful.
Veľmi pekná holka. A an extremely pretty girl.
On je šarmantný. He is a real charmer.
Veľmi pekný chlap. A an extremely handsome guy.
Chýbaš mi. I miss out on you.
Chcem ťa. I want you.


Love Words and Phrases In Slovak

Did you an alert that in the Slovak language there space two versions of "I love you" - "Ľúbim ťa" a "Milujem ťa"? They room not the same. Slovaks usage "Milujem ťa" only if it"s really serious and you desire to express the the strongest love.

Cute Names you Can contact Your significant Other In Slovak

If you have actually a boyfriend/girlfriend from Slovakia, girlfriend should recognize love words and also phrases in Slovak. Also, it have the right to be an excellent for you to learn what cute name you can call her/him. Right here are part samples of “lovers” nicknames you use while the 2 of you room talking sweet.

Slovak English Translation
princezná a princess
zlatko a sweetheart
anjel an angel
miláčik a darling
chrobáčik a lovebug
moja láska my love

Dating and Wedding Vocabulary

Try come remember this words and phrases and your day with who from Slovakia or wedding attending will go fine.

Slovak English Translation
priateľka a girlfriend
priateľ a boyfriend
rande a date
Pôjdeme spolu von? Shall us go the end together?
Chceš therefore mnou chodiť? Do you want to date me?
Teraz s niekým chodíte? Are you dating anyone now?
Máte partnera? Do you have actually a partner?
Ste zvádza ma? Are girlfriend seducing me?
rozchod a broke-up
Môžem držať za ruku? Can I organize your hand?
Pobozkaj ma. Kiss me.
bozk a kiss
Mňa objať. Hug me.
To je pekné šaty. That"s a quite dres.
manžel a husband
manželka a wife
snúbenec a fiancé
snúbenica a fiancée
Vydáš sa za mňa? Will friend marry me?
svatba a wedding
rozvod a divorce

Nice native In Slovak: when We use Them?

Krásny (kraz-nee) / Lovely

Krásnyis a far-reaching and generally used indigenous that describes something or someone that is nice, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, or exquisite.

Example: Peter will have actually akrásnyexperience as soon as he walk skiing every day with his ideal friends at a mountain resort in the Tatra hill range.

–ko or –ka (-koh or -kah) / my dearest

This is a diminutive suffix the you deserve to use as a hatchet of endearment and. Its often attached to the finish of a name. It is comparable to calling who “my dear.” Someone v a friend named Ján might contact him Jánko. A woman named Katarína could have friends and family who usage the –ka ending and also call her Katarínka.

Láska (lah-ska) / Love

As we already said, Láska is the Slovak word for love. So, the endearing hatchet moja láska, or “my love,” is additionally frequently stated in Slovakia. This native is used in many song lyrics, indigenous Slovak pop songs to timeless folk choruses.

Milujem ťa (meel-u-yem ta) / Adoration

You have the right to feel love for someone. However, you can also feel a higher level that love, and also that feeling we can explain as close come adoration. “Milujem ťa” you deserve to use to define your romantic love for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend or a husband or wife.

Miláčik (mill-ak-zik) / Darling

Slovak parents often speak to their childrenmiláčik. Also, people often contact each various other miláčik... Husband to mam in many cases.

Fun fact:In 2008, a Slovak sitcom called Ano, miláčik (Yes, darling) premiered throughout mid-week primetime. Sadly, the funny present lasted just one season, but the expression is still as alive and also popular as ever.


Love Words and Phrases In Slovak

Example Dialog

Let"s practice these love words we learned in the example dialog below!

Martin: Ahoj, zlatko. Si krásna. (Hi, sweetheart. You space beautiful.)

Zuzana: Ahoj, miláčik. Ďakujem. Robíš ma šťastnou. (Hi, darling. You make me happy.)

Martin: Mám ťa veľmi rád. Chceš therefore mnou chodiť? (I favor you very much. Carry out you desire to date me?)

Zuzana: Áno. Som perform teba a myslím, že ťa ľúbim! (Yes. Ns am into you and I think i love you!)

Let"s Recap i love friend Thing

There room two ways to to speak this in Slovak that have actually a slight intensity difference in meaning. I am a indigenous Slovak speaker so that I deserve to discern them fairly well, but it might be complicated for a foreigner the doesn"t have these distinctions in their language. One that comes to mind that has it is Spanish, v the te quiero/te amo distinction. The Slovak one is quite much equivalent to this, you could say "Ľúbim ťa" as an equivalent to "te quiero" in Spanish, or a less intense, not so lasting perhaps, feeling, and "Milujem ťa" to represent something choose "te amo," one expression which suggests strong, lasting, committed love. Hope that helped.

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Final Thoughts

If you stay till the an extremely end the this article, you are more than likely ready to express your feelings in Slovak. But, if you desire to learnessential wordsand phrases orgreetings in Slovak, girlfriend should try using language finding out apps. Ling application is a good choice if you desire to learnthe Slovak Languagefun and also easy way.