Zero In mathematics, the Arab sifr, or zero, provided new solutions for complicated mathematical problems.

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Habibi (to a male) and also Habibti (to a female) means “my love” or in Arabic. That is the most typical expression the love in the Arabic language claimed to friends, children, and also even strangers. Mama and also baba constantly use this in ~ the end of every sentence. Even if it is it’s being claimed to their kids or every other, words habibi(ti) is always heard.

2. Hayati, ya hayati

Hayati means “my life” in Arabic, i beg your pardon is what most couples say to each other to express simply how much their love for each various other reaches. The word can be found most frequently in Arabic songs about love and spoken in the Lebanese dialect. 

3. Rohi


Without a heart, you cannot live or love. In Arabic, albi means “my heart” and it is the summary of love. Most civilization use albi to refer come their households or loved ones.

6. Ameli

Getting referred to as cute is fun, yet getting asked how cute you make all the difference. Arabs ask this rhetorical question all the time. Parents, siblings, cousins, significant others or even your teta asks girlfriend this every time she watch you. Ma atyaback (male) or ma atyabeck (female) is something everyone has heard.

9. Bahlam feek or bahlam feeki


Comparing someone to the moon is just one of the most romantic methods of to express love in Arabic. That the bright irradiate shining ~ above a dark night.

‘Ya amar” means “the moon” and it is a beautiful way to express love.

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12. Ana Bahebak or Ana Bahebik

Last however not the very least are ana bahibik (for male) or ana bahibik (for female), which median “I love you.” This is the first way that most civilization learn how to express your love which have the right to be articulated in so numerous ways, even if it is it’s metaphorical or rhetorical; it every brings us ago to the same meaning of love on Thanksgiving and always.