When you fulfill someone for the first time in Italy, it’s extremely necessary to know how to present yourself.

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The classic textbook expression everyone learns on their an initial day that Italian lessons is Ciao, mi chiamo… which means Hello, my surname is… but literally translates as Hello, I call myself...

Ciao, mi chiamo Matteo.

Hello, my surname is Matteo.(Lit: Hello, I speak to myself Matteo.)

Important: My name is… interpreted word-for-word is Il mio nome è… Although no grammatically incorrect, the is never ever used as an introduce greeting in Italian.

In the ar of the informal greeting ciao, you can use buongiorno (good morning / hello) or buonasera (good evening / hello) in cases that call for an ext formality.

Buongiorno, mi chiamo Enzo. Piacere di conoscerLa.

Good morning, my surname is Enzo. Quite to satisfy you.

Ciao, mi chiamo Elena. – Hi, my surname is Elena.

In English, that isn’t unexplained for people to present themselves v the much shorter expression Hello, I’m X and the same uses in Italian. I’m or I am in Italian is (Io) sono. Keep in mind that the personal pronoun io (I) is normally dropped.

Ciao, so not Marco. Piacere!

Hello, I’m Marco. Quite to accomplish you!

If a human being introduces themselves to friend first, there is also the alternative of responding with just your name as in the adhering to example:

Ciao, mi chiamo Gianni. – Piacere, Dario.

Hello, my name is Gianni. – quite to accomplish you, I’m Dario.

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