Looking for something same colloquial (well, slang, actually) and also that have the right to be said to (not just) about a young woman and also without are afraid of providing offense. Something as straightforward as the English "You"re a hottie!"

Why don"t friend tell us in what nation is it suposed to it is in used. It have the right to be big differences on just how to to express this depending upon the country. Ns would likewise want to know if you are going to use it in a chat v friends, or you intended to say it come the girl.

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Gus said:

Actually you could just say que buena onda or que padre without words estas.

sounds a bit "near the bone" (as Eddy might say).

is a well-known expresion used in main america and also mexicomeans good, fun, posotive things

you can say- que padre estas - this can be ofensive though,used in mexico anfd method the same same as the very first sentence above

Gus said:

I obtained it, ns really gained it this time;this time because that sure

que buena oda eres

because that all ns know, this might be just what ns wanted however I"ve never heard "oda" before and the thesaurus tells me "ode". Is this something like "you"re city in motion""

lo mismo pense, jajajaja

Heidita said:

Casimiro/ Kashmir said:

Estas Rica!estas bien rica!Que sabrosura!

Ves, eso ya lo consideraría una grosería...el típico "piropo" obrero


"que buena estas!" ... Not so nice, adjective i beg your pardon talk about a great body... So, my question, what the body is an excellent for? ns only have actually heard the word from construction employees, truck drivers... And teenagers

Casimiro/ Kashmir said:

Estas Rica!estas bien rica!Que sabrosura!

Ves, eso ya lo consideraría una grosería...el típico "piropo" obrero

Very Coloquial would certainly beEstas Rica!estas bien rica!estas bien buena!Que sabrosura!Caliente!This is all really vulgar and also shouldn"t be claimed to a women you are an interpretation to impress. Particularly if friend dont recognize her. This is something an ext that the younger generation is using and also is widely heard in the carribean whereby formalities are are much more common among the older generation.

You can just to speak something choose "te amo" and also the girl will certainly either bolt because that the door or laugh at her mistake and appreciate the assumed behind it.


I understand of cuero/cuera offered by Mexicans.

Gus said:

I to be saying that the frase, Huy! que buena estas, is no a nice thing to say come a woman uneven you are married to her o have actually a major relationship. Time have actually change. Ladies don"t choose to it is in treated together sex objects.

Gus said:

huy que buenas estas is offensivecite>samdie said:

James Santiago said:


"Eres guapísima" would certainly not generally be offensive, and also has around the same register. If you desire to say the a mrs is looking particularly hot, you could say "Huy, ¡qué buena estás!"I"m sure there are many other methods to to express this.

I knew both that those. I guess the I"m wonder if there are recent coinages (as is the case with "hottie").


One the my favourite expressions is "Me encanta". The literally method "I to be enchanted" or "You enchant me".

One day ns was walking through the plaza of the small town in central Mexico whereby I live part time. I ran into a 20-year old female friend who introduced me to her young mrs companion. Ns doffed mine hat, smiled and also said, "Me encanta". The young lady flirtatiously batted her eyelashes, tilted she head and coquettishly replied, "Mucho gusto".

Spanish isn"t called a romance language because that nothing. With 4 words in the appropriate tone merged with body language, a bond was struck. And also this between a beautiful, dark-haired twenty-something and a grizzled, white-bearded gringo pushing seventy! Ah, to be young again.

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"Me encanta" is a response which will warm the love of any kind of Mexican lady it is in she a grandm or "a hottie".