Good Night in Korean

In this lesson, we will take a look at at just how to say “good night” in Korean. Just like any type of language, the oriental language has plenty of words and also phrases because that saying farewell come someone. On height of that, it additionally has the included complexity the the speech levels, just to make things even much more difficult. Yet don’t problem if that scares you since in simply a few minutes, you will certainly know specifically what to say and also to whom! quiet let’s start with the many common way to say good night which is:

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jal-ja-yo (polite)(in Hangul: 잘자요)

It accurate translates to “sleep well” so that pretty lot spot on method the very same in oriental as the does in English. That last tiny bit, “yo” is provided to do the expression polite and you would normally use it with people older 보다 you. However, jal-ja-yo is largely used when talking to an enlarge friend.

Now, what if you were to eliminate that “yo” (요) part at the end of this word? Well, we would get the informal:

jal-ja (informal)(in Hangul: 잘자)

The indigenous is the same, however it sounds much much more informal and also ‘friendly’ so the is currently suitable to use with:

Close girlfriend or siblingsPeople who space younger 보다 you

If you desire to rotate this into a question and also ask “did girlfriend sleep well?” you would certainly say “jal-jass-eo-yo?” (잘 잤어요?) Naturally, you have the right to remove the “yo” in ~ the finish here also if you desire to usage this phrase with friends or human being who are younger than you.

Now, if we want to be yes, really polite and respectful, you can use the word:

annyeong-hi jumuseyo (respectful)(in Hangul: 안녕히 주무세요)

You could see a resemblance v the phrase for “hello” in Korean in that very first little component “annyeong.” that literally way “peace” and this whole phrase translates to “sleep peacefully.” girlfriend would mostly use this as soon as talking come old civilization or civilization of higher status. Moreover, utilizing this v a friend would sound awkward, to say the least. 

Between friends, you could also use the Konglish indigenous 굿나잇 (it sounds almost as it would sound in English). It is especially typical when texting and also on the Internet. 

For an ext common words and phrases, please examine out our daily Korean lessons!

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By: Kimchi Cloud

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Kathi L.April 27, 2015

I’m glad ns stumbled across your site; i love your Word that the Day short articles – nice, big, bolder illustrations – through one word at a time. Simply what i need. I’m barely learning the korean alphabet, so i can’t handle long sentences. And so plenty of Korean language sites show the message in together tiny font the I deserve to barely do it out.Thank you.


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Kimchi CloudMay 6, 2015

Thanks for your comment! I’m happy you like our illustrations. There is much more to come.