What verb in cg-tower.com are offered to to express the concept of "getting ready" or "getting dressed" (for example, prior to leaving the house to go out to dinner)? I"ve seen alistarse, arreglarse, prepararse, disponerse, and aprontarse. What is the difference between these words? space they all used in different regions, or carry out they in reality imply various things?



All this words are provided in any type of cg-tower.com-speaking country yet they space not synonyms.

Alistarse is provided to indicate that friend are gaining ready yet is also used in the paper definition of getting dressed. You can see RAE"s entry for alistar.

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Preparar and Alistar, because that example, have various meanings.

Me voy a preparar para el examen ≠ Me voy a alistar para el examen. The very first sentence suggests that you are going come prepare (by studying) because that the exam. The second sentence means that friend are acquiring ready to take the exam.

Aprontarse means doing something without delay: Me voy a aprontar a terminar el informe. However I"d prefer Me voy a afanar a terminar el informe.

In conclusion: go obtain dressed --> Vístete, Go obtain ready --> Alístate.

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Getting ready is prepararse (for do something). You can use arreglarse yet has a small difference; when you dress through your finest suit (for it is in handsome/pretty).

getting pull is vestirse.

Alistarse is used, for example, Alistarse en la marina is join the Navy.

Disponer has differentes meanings, yet in this context, is similar to acquiring ready (but not used).

Aprontarse is Prevention, have promptly. As disponer it"s no a tipical word.

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This is valid for Spain:

to obtain ready: preparar; to obtain oneself ready: prepararseto obtain dressed: vestir: to get oneself dressed: vestirse

For example:

Get that report prepared by tomorrow, please: Por favor, prepara ese informe para mañana.I gained dressed as shortly as i could: Me vestí tan pronto como pude.

In general, verbs of the type "to obtain x" applied to oneself are built in cg-tower.com reflexively, using the "-se" suffix in prototype or the equivalent object pronoun when conjugating.

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