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Ensure every doors and windows are secured and also buildings prefer sheds, garages and also outhouses have good quality locks and even alarms fitted.

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We constructed office buildings, parking garages, and prisons.Many fires started once lava ignited gasoline stored in buildings and also garages in this eastern Congo town.Its outbuildings incorporate a double garage, greenhouse, potting shed, kennels and workshop.One of your cars is at their apartment, and also the various other parked in the garage that the apartment building where Joe and also I live.It is the largest structure occupied by Laois civil Defence and contains two automobile garages and also lecture room.The new building will include facilities for visiting surveyors, offices, rescue team equipment, a garage for three vehicles and a workshop.Ford tucked the photograph and also the attend to into his jacket and also headed come the garage below his apartment building.To the left of the driveway a cubic building, housing the garage and chauffeur's level above, guards the courtyard just beyond.Zoning patent carriage houses, thus offering flexible space for a home office, an in-law apartment, or affordable rental housing above garages.Both homes will have actually integral garages to the front, and also will share driveway access from a brand-new entrance top top Shady Lane.In enhancement to the present pub there are two garages and also offices, as well as housing.There is also a selection of rock outbuildings consisting of a coach house, 2 garages, a workshop and also log store.The garages space behind a building agency premises.Bloomfield is a two-storey Victorian structure with garages, courtyard and also conservatory and has been vacant for two years.Retrospective to plan permission because that the garage and underneath warehouse building, which is on eco-friendly belt land, had already been refused.She claimed the valve of her boyfriend had actually been damaged three nights in a heat while it to be parked ~ above the street and he had actually now been compelled to rental a garage to keep his auto safe.The Council's executive, management member because that the setting appealed to vehicle drivers to placed their vehicles in driveways and also garages come keep roadways clear because that gritting.The staying outbuildings include a garage, barn, two fowl houses, 2 stables, 4 old stores and two boathouses.

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It boasts countless outbuildings, a guest house, workshop, garages and also even wait raid bunkers.