Aprendí que se dice "cinco cientos" en uno de mis libros de español que estudio. Pero, el la "Translation" enlace en esta sitio, que dice "quinientos" Qual es muy común?

I learned the you say "cinco cientos" in one of the previous Spanish class (books) that ns was studying. But in the "Translation" attach in this site, it states "quinientos." which is more common, or are both acceptable, for instance like saying "fifteen hundred" vs. "one thousand five hundred"?



Hello, and welcome to the forum. It is indeed quinientos, as everyone says. Cinco cientos is incorrect, however a usual mistake, since it resembles how other hundreds are made, because that example, trescientos. You might be interested in this link. You just type in the number (ex. "500") and also it tells you exactly how to speak it in Spanish ("quinientos").

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Maybe the is why I assumed cinco cientos to be correct, since following the logic,, doscientos, trescientos, etc. Many thanks for the clarification and also the link! - 001a2987, ago 9, 2010

No es cinco cientos

Five hundreds = Quinientos

I have never seen 5 hundred referred to as cinco cientos together this is no correct

I hope that this help

Are you specific that you read "cinco cientos" in her books? The proper means to speak "five hundred" is "quinientos". Probably your storage is playing tricks ~ above you? This wake up to every one of us occasionally....

Perhaps you are right - maybe my storage is play tricks on me - I very first started about two years ago, and also numbers were the an initial thing ns learned - maybe that simply made sense in mine head, so i remembered it the way....thanks!! - 001a2987, earlier 9, 2010

Thanks everyone!! this helps me in my struggle to discover Spanish (a battle which ns am enjoying!!)

Muchas Gracias!!!


Following blackbull"s logic, is it correct to say, "hay cinco cientos" in this picture?


I have only heard of five hundred appropriately referred to together "Quinientos" which is the correct description for the full amount of money Euros, Libras esterling, Drachmas, etc..

However, i did wonder even if it is it is possible to usage cinco cientos together a descriptive term for how many hunderds there space eg There space five, hundreds euro notes

= Hay cinco, biletes de cientos, tres biletes de cincuenta etc,,,(as depicted in Canicos"s picture) rather than together a descrription the the full amount which must be Quinientos)

Correción hay cinco, billetes de cien

I carry out not understand if this is ever used when counting huge quantities of noþeles money etc??? I would be interested to know If no I will certainly happily stick to Quinientos


I hope civilization understand what i am trying to say here lol


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..billetes de cien.. (not cientos). And of course with Libras and also Drachmas, "Quinientas" but you currently knew the - 005faa61, earlier 9, 2010
Sí, Muchas gracias, Julian :) - FELIZ77, ago 10, 2010

For some factor my dial-up won"t let me discuss a particular post...in answer to canicos and also to Feliz - "hay cinco billetes de cien".

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Nunca that oido alquien dice "cinco cientos"....

Es muy comun que se dice "Quinientos".

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Gracias!! - 001a2987, back 9, 2010

It"s quinientos. I"ve never heard cinco cientos. That sounds choose something a first-year would certainly say.

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Quinientos es lo más aceptado...quizás puedas decir cinco cientos cuando te refieras a otro tipo de cuenta, como por ejemplo:

Cinco docenascinco quintoscinco pares

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