There are numerous expressions in English come say that something (or someone!) is “stupid.” “A sandwich short of a picnic”, “sixpence short of a shilling”, “rowing through one oar in the water”… and many more.

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In French, the adjective “Stupide” and also “Idiot” room transparent indigenous — the pretty evident that they average “stupid”. But, there room also more casual and also colorful expression you could not understand about. And you’d more than likely like to recognize what lock mean, particularly if world use them about you!

So, this day I’m walking to display you 7 various ways come say ‘stupid’ in French.

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Beginner: know the different ways to say ‘stupid’ in FrenchIntermediate: learn all the French expressions because that stupidAdvanced: research the examples and also feel confident utilizing them in daily French conversation

Bonjour ns Géraldine, her French teacher.Welcome come Comme une Française!I’m here to aid you speak everyday contemporary French v confidence.

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1) Bercé trop près du mur

Tu together été bercé trop près du mur ! literally means, “You’ve to be cradled as well close come the wall!”

It’s a hard-hitting expression. It implies that who is so dumb, lock must have actually had mind damage in your childhood. It’s in reality affectionate, though; it’s much more often provided as roasting in between friends.

For example:Parfois je me demande si t’as été bercé trop près du mur…Sometimes, ns wonder if you’ve to be cradled too close come the wall…

2) Être bête comme ses pieds

Bête comme ses pieds means “dumb together his own feet.”

Feet room the farthest body component from the brain, so they’re probably an extremely dumb.Of course, the possessive changes. For this reason you deserve to say:Je suis bête comme mes pieds (= i’m dumb as my very own feet),Tu es bête comme tes pieds (= she dumb together your own feet)…

For example:Tu es encore sorti sans tes clés ? Mais t’es bête comme tes pieds !You left there is no your tricks once again? yet you’re dumb as a rock!


Bête comme chou (= “dumb as cabbage”) doesn’t typical “stupid,” but “very an easy and straightforward task.” You have the right to find more French expressions v “cabbage” !

3) Con comme un balai

Con comme un balai means “as stupid as a broomstick.”

Con” method “stupid” in vulgar (but very common) French slang. It’s in which method less vulgar within this colorful French expression, though.

For example:Michel est gentil… mais il est con comme un balai.Michel is nice… however he is dumb together a broomstick.

4) Bas-de-plafond

Bas-de-plafond literally method “with a short ceiling.”

(Un plafond is a ceiling, un toit is a roof.)

Someone who is bas-de-plafond is not really smart, but also not very kind, or is spiteful. It’s no as endearing together the other expression.

For example:C’est encore un discours bas-de-plafond.It’s a dumb, low-quality speech once again.

5) Pas fute-fute

Futé is everyday, modern French for “clever, smart” (in a valuable way).

So, Pas futé way “not very clever.” In familiar French, it it s okay shortened into: Pas fute-fute.

For example:Elle est gentille mais elle est pas fute-fute.She’s nice but she’s not very clever.

6) Bien brave

Brave in French does typical “brave”… sometimes. But, once we’re speak someone is brave, we’d rather use courageux instead.

Other times, brave also means “nice, helpful.

But many times, it indicates that who is undoubtedly helpful… but also not therefore smart. (This probably says something about the French mindset.)

For example:Michel ? Ouais… Il est bien brave.Michel? Yeah… he is helpful, at least.

7) Bouns : fou !

Fou method crazy in French. Favor in English, occasionally doing something stunner also means doing points that aren’t so smart, so expressions that average fou or stupid have tendency to mix together.

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For example, some vibrant French expression that mean “mildly crazy” are:

Il n’a add to toute sa tête. = “He doesn’t have his whole head anymore.”→ “He’s acquiring senile”Il a une araignée au plafond. = “He’s got a spider in the ceiling”→ “He’s at the very least a little crazy.”Il a une case en moins. = “He’s missing a case.”→ “He’s a little crazy.”

These French expressions are likewise used once someone renders a really stupid, irrational decision.

Recap: What did you discover today?

Some means to say “stupid” in French:

Bercé trop près du murBête comme ses piedsCon comme un balaiBas-de-plafondPas fute-futeBien brave

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