My initial believed was "lanzar un hechizo sobre " however I"m not certain if I"m being also literal with the translation indigenous English.

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Other words ns came throughout are embrujar and hechizar, but I worry that embrujar may connote additional things (like witches or shamanism), and I wouldn"t know exactly how to form a sentence native hechizar.

To be more specific, I average in the high fantasy / RPG sense, because that example, in a video clip game, saying:

A wizard cast a spell on a monster, it to be super effective.

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"lanzar(le) un hechizo sobre algo/alguien" is for sure OK (the "le" is optional, the higher the register, the less constant it becomes)

(but an alert that that does not suggest success... He could have "thrown" (lanzar) the spell and also missed (or it might have been ineffective or whatever).

Other alternatives:

"ponerle un hechizo a algo/alguien" i can"t speak why, but it sound horrible.

"hacerle un hechizo a algo/alguien" very same thing.

"hechizar algo/a alguien" an alert that the "a" preposition is offered for people and also animals in this case, however not because that things. (elfs, fairies, angels, etc do count as people for this).

"embrujar algo/a alguien" exact same thing: "a" because that animate beings only.All those indicate success. The victim was effectively left under the effect of the spell.

If in the paper definition of some sort of struggle or fight between sorcerers, friend could additionally use:

"tirarle un hechizo a alguien/algo" (compulsory "a" additionally for inanimate)

"le tiró con un hechizo a algo/alguien" (slightly various meaning: "shot in ~ someone/something with a spell" as if the spell to be some kind of ammunition or projectile) (rather informal)

Those two don"t indicate success, and the critical one in certain leaves ample room for failure.

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Embrujo and also hechizo aren"t the same thing. One embrujo is constantly bad, evil. An hechizo could be good, it can protect someone, or do him/her watch better. An encantamiento is normally an excellent (and concerned "me encanta" and also "encantado/a de conocerle").

Some feasible translations the the sentence girlfriend proposed:

Un hechicero lanzó un embrujo sobre un monstruo; fue extremadamente exitoso. (Now the monster will certainly be a frog until a princess kisses it)

Un brujo hechizó a un monstruo; fue muy exitoso (Now the monster is frozen, or mesmerized...)