If you a haole (pronounced howlee) favor me, you probably don’t understand your a’a (ah-ah) from her pāhoehoe (puh-hoy-hoy) once it concerns Hawaiian slang words. If you’re also like me, you execute your homework before traveling to new places by analysis up top top the local history, identifying famous social and historic sites you desire to visit, and learning to speak several of the neighborhood language.

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If you’re planning a pilgrimage to Hawaii (huh-vah-ee), learning some Hawaiian slang have the right to be fun, might aid you seem a small less favor a tourist, and also shows respect to the locals (kama’aina – ka-ma-aye-na), that are very proud of their island heritage.

Learning the ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i (Hawaiian language) and also its slang is fun and a ability you can construct on really quickly just by listening to the kama’aina. Local signage and also advertising use a the majority of ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, too.

Let’s take a short look at the history of Hawaiian slang. This post will administer some assist with pronouncing Hawaiian words, and teach girlfriend some famous Hawaiian paragraph you must know prior to visiting the islands. Shoots? (Okay?)

A Brief arrival to Hawaiian Slang

Hawaiian Pidgin English, also known together Hawaiian creole English or just Pidgin, is the language talked in Hawaii by the locals as well as the official languages that English and also Hawaiian teach in school. Pidgin is a simplified version that a language talked by people without a typical language between them. A creole language is an entirely new language formed from 2 or an ext languages.

Hawaiian Pidgin has actually its roots on the sugar cane plantations, as the need for aboriginal Hawaiians, English-speaking residents, and also foreign immigrants to interact arose. Hawaiian Creole has actually influences from Chinese, English, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hawaiian. The language embraced many loanwords indigenous these various other languages, and also people started speaking it exterior of plantations in the 19th and also 20th century.

Pronouncing Hawaiian Words

Most haoles (like me) thrived up speaking standard American English (SAE) at house as a first or 2nd language. Hawaiian consonants are often pronounced the very same as they room in SAE with some exceptions—like W, sometimes pronounced like V, as in Hawaii (huh-vah-ee).

The Hawaiian alphabet is obtained from the English alphabet for creating in ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i. There space 13 letter in total: A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W.

You pronounce vowels in Hawaiian like Spanish:

a: ahe: ehi: eeo: ohu: oo

Also, you express all the collection in Hawaiian words. You pronounce a word choose mauka together mah-oo-ka. There space exceptions, of course, choose in usually all languages. You pronounce Pau prefer pow. Haole is how-lee, no how-leh.

Both pau and haole use combinations that vowels called diphthongs, i m sorry have details pronunciations:

ai: tideae: byeao: howau: powei: eighteu: eh-youiu: ee-youoe: oh-ehoi: voiceou: bowlui: oo-ee

Also, some Hawaiian words have actually special characters (diacritics), consisting of the ‘okina, and also the kahakō. The ‘okina is the solitary quote in ~ the beginning of words or in between two vowels. The ‘okina add to a glottal stop in between words or sounds, prefer saying “uh-oh.”

The kahakō, or macron, is the heat on height of a letter denote a lengthy vowel. Shot pronouncing the complying with words the end loud as we introduce you to some well-known Hawaiian slang words.

Hawaiian language consonants room not specific when it pertains to translation native SAE. Part are lacking completely, while rather are combined based on their soul, nds. Da ting (the thing) is one example.

Popular Hawaiian Slang Words


Aloha is generally used as both hello and also goodbye in Hawaiian and has numerous other interpretations both together a stand-alone word and also in mix with other words. Some examples:

Aloha: hello in Hawaiian, and goodbye.Aloha ‘oe: you space welcome.Aloha kakahiaka: great morning.

Da Kine

Da kine, likely acquired from the kind, is one all-purpose substitution word or placeholder surname for a person, object, or abstract concept. “He wen to da kine to gain some da kine.”

Grinds (Grindz)

Food or a meal out, frequently spelled v a z in ~ the end, not s. “Hey Brah, us go acquire da grindz.”


Literally, half.

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regularly used as soon as referring to someone whose genealogy is partly oriental or Pacific Islander.