There are multiple means you have the right to translate "bite me" into Spanish - entirely depends ~ above the ton you use, what partnership you have with the listener and the context.

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Vete al carajo

Vete a la mierda (mucho más fuerte lol)

Qué te den (")

Chúpamela (" - un poquito grosero, pero lo puedes decir en broma entre amigos)


*A an ext innocent, playful way you can say it (literally "Try me", "Test me")

This really depends on the region. 'Bite me' doesn't have actually a great translation in Spain's Spanish. A child over 10 would certainly probably just say "chúpame/cómeme la polla/los huevos" (suck mine dick/balls), but solid vulgarity is an ext casual right here than in many Spanish-speaking countries.

There are milder execution of "vete a la mierda" that might fit that tone: "vete por ahí", "vete a tomar viento", "vete a tu casa", etc. "Vete a tomar por culo" is very casual right here too, also though it literally method "go acquire fucked in the ass", since "a tomar por culo" also means far far (e.g. La casa de Daniel está a tomar por culo).

You may additionally want to inspect this thread on minced oaths.

In Mexico you'd speak "Huevos" and make this authorize with your hand.

Or girlfriend wouldn't also say anything and also just make the authorize which would certainly be much more mild and playful.

Mmm... Only two not authorised insults concerned mind. Lock are incredibly idiomatic tho.

Argentina: andá a cagar = walk take a shit (it supplies vos conjugation)

Northern? Colombia: vaya y puye un sapo/ ve y puya un sapo = walk poke a frog

To it is in fair, you aren't going to obtain a literal meaning translation, nor one the is less "lewd" socioculturally because to various other Spanish speakers the concept of lewd is really different from the of English speakers. What can be most lewd would be saying some of the things that a aboriginal speaker says with the not correct tone, taking away native the playfulness of it. This, is the more difficult part.

However, I would certainly say the "qué dare den" is a decent an option even if it method get fucked in English.

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