If we desire to do a list of demonyms in Spanish and cover every the Spanish-speaking nations we could list some examples such as: Puerto Ricans are dubbed Puertorriqueños or Boricuas, Costa Ricans are know by Costa Ricans or Ticos and also the Nicaraguans are Nicaraguences or Nicas. However when Latinos describe Americans, the list of Spanish indigenous is a little an ext extensive. Is gringo the just Spanish slang word for American? Of course not!

If you want to learn just how to say American in Spanish, take it a look in ~ this list and also infographic that consists of the standard Spanish terms and also some Spanish slang words. Remember that you have the right to share or pin this infographic top top Facebook and Pinterest.

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How come say AMERICAN in Spanish according to the royal Spanish Academy

In Spanish, regularly two execution of a word or phrase exist: the formally accepted language i m sorry the imperial Spanish Academy (RAE) wants united state to say, and the various other is what we actually say. First, I’ll begin with the exactly Spanish term welcomed by the RAE to interpret “American.”

1. Estadounidense (estadunidense)The Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas by RAE claims that the correct name in Spanish you should use to refer to the world from the United claims of America is estadounidense.

2. AmericanoHere is the concept clarification between the demonyms americano and also estadounidense. The RAE adds that the usage of the name americano have to be avoided to refer specifically to the inhabitants of the joined States. For some latinos, it might offend them, however for others, that is commonly accpeted. “America” (and subsequently “American”) is supplied in English together an abbreviation that “United says of America.” carry out not forget that América is the name of the whole an ar (North and also South America) and americanos are all the live almost everywhere in the region.

3. NorteamericanoAlthough that is not perceived favorably by the RAE, the word norteamericano y Norteamérica (North America) room widely provided by Spanish-speakers to describe the Americans and also the United states respectively. Indeed, in Spanish Norteamérica is the sub-continent that contains the nations of Mexico, united States and also Canada.

How come say AMERICAN in Spanish the colloquial way

4. Gringo or gringaThis is the most common Spanish slang indigenous used everywhere the Spanish-speaking countries. Contradictory to what some civilization believe, this is in no means an insult. There room three theory of the beginning of this word:

a. Native griego to gringoA variant of the word griego in recommendation to a language the can’t be understood, comparable to the English saying “that’s Greek to me.” Etymology specialists think the this concept is the the very least likely origin because of the variety of steps that this native would have actually taken to morph indigenous griego come gringo.

b. Indigenous peregringo to gringoWikipedia gives us the second theory: “Instead the is asserted that gringo can derive indigenous Caló, the language of the Romani human being of Spain, as a different of peregringo” meaning peregrine, wayfarer, and stranger.

c. Indigenous “green go” to gringoSome other people theories shows that gringo come from the phrase “green go.” In Brazil that is believed that it to be in reference to the foreigners that took away all the green (nature) from the Amazon. In Puerto Rico, the well-known story shows that words came from a the demanding phrase “Green, go!” from the locals the weren’t happy v the United says military federal government whose personnel offered to wear green uniforms.

Some cool colloquial paragraph in Spanish the use the word gringo are:

andar a lo gringo (Chile): walking commando• gringo de agua dulce (Honduras): derogatory for a hispanic white human being with irradiate colored eyes.• hacerse el gringo (Colombia and also Ecuador): synonym for hacerse el pendejo or to act stupid, like a silly or idiot

5. Gabacho or gabachaThis word is supplied in Mexico as: a) an American citizen, b) the united States, c) any type of foreigner

6. GrenchoYou will certainly hear this word in Honduras and also Guatemala.

7. YanquiThis word is generally said in Argentina to describe an American and anything concerned the united States. In some components of the neighbor country Bolivia the expression yanqui llocalla method a fairly young person who adopts the customs and also habits of Americans.

8. YumaThis indigenous is provided in Cuba because that 1) American or 2) unified States.

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9. YoniThis word is offered in Ecuador, Argentina and also Uruguay.

Do you know other indigenous in Spanish for American?

INFOGRAPHIC: just how to to speak AMERICAN in Spanish

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