For 音読み (onyomi) reading, every you have to do is to append words 歳 (sai) come the number and also you will acquire the age.

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Whereas because that 訓読み (kunyomi) reading, follow the special numbers you have learned in assorted counters that Japanese.

For instance to asking a person"s age in 音読み (onyomi), you will say...

何歳ですか (nan sai de su ka)

whereas in 訓読み (kunyomi), you will say...

おいくつですか (o i ku tsu de su ka)

The hiragana "お" (o) is included to do the sentence much more polite.

Japanese Age counter using 音読み (onyomi)

Japanese Age respond to Using onyomi

The table over shows the Japanese age counters making use of 音読み (onyomi). You simply need to append さい (sai) come the number to obtain the respective age.

Note that due to the fact that the kanji 歳 (sai) is too an overwhelming to write, sometimes one more kanji 才 (sai) is offered instead.

Take keep in mind that periods like 1, 8, 10, 20, 30 and all the ages in the tens have to be express differently, the same as you have seen for different pronounced level in assorted counters in Japanese.

Japanese Age respond to using 訓読み (kunyomi)

Japanese Age counter Using kunyomi

The table above shows the Japanese period counters making use of 訓読み (kunyomi).

As you can see they space the very same as the one-of-a-kind numbers pointed out in Japanese Counters, other than for twenty years old i m sorry is pronounced as はたち (hatachi).

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