Door handle can easily be reversed on nearly any refrigerator door by removed a couple of screws and also bolts —but save track that the parts and also the assembly order.

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Photo 1: Lift off the door

Tilt the upper door far from the fridge and also lift it up and off the middle hinge pin. Immediately check because that a plastic washer or overview that fits into the bottom that the upper door. Situate those parts and put castle in a safe place.

Photo 2: Swap the handles

Unsnap the plastic “vanity” plugs the cover the door take care of screws. Then remove the door handle screws and swap the door handles.

Photo 3: turning back the hinge pin

Grab the hinge pin v pliers and also unscrew it. Upper and lower reversal the pen upside down and screw it earlier into the hinge.

Photo 4: mount the middle hinge

Hold the bottom door in place and also insert the middle hinge. Climate install the screws and also tighten.

You moved the old fridge right into the Men’s Crisis center (aka the garage) and also now the doors open up the wrong way. And that provides for inconvenient beverage access, a problem that need to be corrected prior to pursuing other home innovation activities.

It’s straightforward DIY project, however you do need to pay fist to the disassembly and also reassembly steps and keep monitor of the plastic parts. If you put the refrigerator hinges ago in the wrong ar or leave them out, the doors won’t close properly. The entire job takes much less than one hour and also requires simply screwdrivers, pliers and also a socket set.

Start through removing all the food indigenous the upper and lower door shelves. Climate pry turn off the top hinge trim piece (if equipped) through a flat-blade screwdriver. Hold the door in ar while you remove the upper hinge screws. Then eliminate the top door (Photo 1).

Next, remove the center hinge screws and also the bottom door. Examine for plastic components at both hinges and also label them. Then eliminate the bottom hinge and mount the on the opposite side of the fridge. Swap the door handles and also the door stop to the opposite sides of the door (Photo 2).

This next component makes most people crazy, yet it makes sense when you think it through. Once you flip the middle hinge to the opposite side of the fridge, the upper and lower hinge pins will certainly be facing the wrong direction. Don’t panic! just reverse the hinge pen (Photo 3).

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With the center hinge pen reversed, walk ahead and reassemble the doors and hinges and also reload her fridge.

Required tools for this left hand frozen refrigerator Project

Have the crucial tools because that this DIY left hand refrigerator task lined up prior to you start—you’ll save time and also frustration.4-in-1 screwdriverAdjustable wrenchPliersSocket/ratchet set