The ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) light should only come on once you turn your crucial to "On" as a method to check that the light functions or once the ABS system is activated. It likewise stays on as soon as there is an concern with the system. If the light being on does not mean that you do not have any type of brake functionality, the does average that you need to discover what the difficulty is. Occasionally the resolve is basic and cheap while other times not. You still need to have complete confidence in her braking system; inspect out this simple way to solve the light gift on.

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Materials NeededVehicle rate sensor3/8" ratchet13mm and 14mm deep socketSpeed sensor connector repair kitdielectric grease

Step 1 – Reset lamp on tool panel

If simply the ABS, brake, and possibly inspect engine light are staying on do the adhering to for a reset.

Disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal.Put the an essential in the ignition and turn to "on position;" wait 30 seconds.Release the brake pedal.Remove crucial from the ignition.Reconnect the negative battery terminal.Re-calibrate the ABS and speed sensors by driving the car over 15 mph because that at the very least 10 seconds.Park vehicle, rotate off ignition, start the vehicle, wait 5 seconds, and also go because that a test drive at miscellaneous speeds.

Now the lights should be off and also stay off. If they are still on, continue to step 2.

Step 2 – replace wires if essential (optional)

If the lights still remain on or only come ~ above at specific speeds, continue below.

Disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal again.Unplug the exploit from the peak of the rear differential.Closely inspect the wires because that damage. If they are damaged, you can replace them with a kit native your local auto supply.
Figure 1. Rate sensor harness fix kit.Inspect harness plug because that corrosion.Remove old speed sensor.
Figure 2. Remove RWAL speed sensor from top of axle.Now eliminate the nut on peak of the bolt that holds it in to release the cables that room attached with a 13mm socket.Next, eliminate the really bolt that holds the sensor in with a 14mm deep socket.The sensor will be totally free now but, much more than likely, roadway gunk has actually sealed it on quite well. Spray part penetrating fluid roughly where that goes right into the axle.Carefully rest it cost-free by rotating it with pliers (if necessary). When it rotates, you have the right to gently pry increase on that to pull it out.Put oil ~ above o-ring of brand-new sensor.Put dielectric grease on harness connections.Install brand-new sensor and reattach harness.

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Pro Tip

The RWAL sensor and also wiring live in a nasty environment. That is a good idea to be certain that all of the wiring is in good condition and every one of the connector plugs room tight and free of corrosion.