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Before I gain a "do a search" rant, every article I discovered was about lowered or lifted trucks. My van is stock, and I desire to save it that way.Okay, It"s the bushings top top the driver"s side, ideal by the dang steering arm. I"ve to be told 2 things:1. That the bushings deserve to be replaced without removed the arm or the shaft. Simply remove the nuts and washers, air-chisel the bushings out, slide the brand-new bushings over the shaft and align them come the control arm, location the washer and also nut behind the new bushing, and also run lock up v a wrench and also they will certainly seat right into the control arm.or... 2. The the manage arm needs to be removed, and also the bushings have to be pressed in.So which is correct, or is there another way?
1995 continuous cab S-10 2WD4.3 TBI, 5 speed, 360,000 + miles!

I can"t imagine exactly how or why friend would desire to carry out this with the arm still in the truck. Take it out, wait chisel or reduced the bushings out, press in the new ones, climate reassemble.

I can"t imagine exactly how or why you would want to perform this with the arm still in the truck. Take it out, waiting chisel or cut the bushings out, press in the new ones, climate reassemble.
1995 consistent cab S-10 2WD4.3 TBI, 5 speed, 360,000 + miles!
The bushings are push in/press out. If friend dont own a press, take it it to NAPA...They will perform it because that cheap.
Yes, they can be excellent without fully removing the upper regulate arm,Advanced Auto leas a push kit to remove and also install the bushings that you have the right to barely squeeze out in there.My advice would certainly be to remove the whole regulate arm, you will have to loosen the two pillar nuts anyways to fit the press clamp, might too pull that out.

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Removal the UCA1. Raise the prior of the vehicle, support the lower manage arm v floor stands.2. Eliminate the tire and also wheel assembly.Remove the wheel speed sensor harness and the brake water tap bracket indigenous the upper regulate arm.5. Eliminate the retaining bolts and nuts from the upper manage arm. Keep in mind the ar of any kind of shims.Remove the upper control arm.Inspect every one of the parts for wear and damage.removal the bushings3. Eliminate the upper regulate arm bushings. (air hammer, punch, press, however)4. Remove the upper regulate arm tower from the upper regulate arm.5. Install the upper manage arm obelisk to the upper control arm. Download the manage arm bushings to the upper control arm (where you require a press)6. Tighten J 22269-1 till the bushing is positioned ~ above the shaft and the upper control arm together shown. The measurement should be 12.8 - 13.8 mm (0.48 - 0.52 inch) on both ends.