An unfortunate consequence of many painting or remodeling jobs is that periodically there is a mess to clean up. When taking care of paint, this is typically seen in the form of spills and stains. Considering how common it is to have actually both latex paint, and also linoleum in a house, it just makes sense that girlfriend will should do a tiny bit of eventually. Good thing the paint off that linoleum isn"t all the difficult, just a tiny time consuming.

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Items Needed:

SpongeRazor bladeRubber glovesRubbing alcoholDish detergent (powdered or liquid)Paint eraser


Wipe it up. If you space lucky sufficient to record the pour out while the is tho fresh, girlfriend should be able to wipe up many of the mess through a tiny bit of water and also your sponge. You don"t want to have actually the sponge be as well wet, for this reason after dunking it into your water fill bucket, and then wring it out till the sponge is damp. That can also be a tad useful to include a pair of drops (liquid) or teaspoons (powdered) of dish detergent to the water. Take her time once wiping increase the mess, and also work your way from the outside in top top the new wet paint.Use part alcohol. because that dried paint, use some rubbing alcohol. Since the rubbing alcohol might damage your hands (or at the very least dry lock out) you may want come wear some rubber gloves while doing this. Dampen a sponge through the alcohol, and then start scrubbing the floor wherein the stain is located. Work-related from the within out, wiping in a circular movement when you space doing this. Periodically rinse out the sponge through water, and also then reapply a tiny bit of the alcohol and also continue to scrub away at the stain. Repaint thinner will also work in this same manner, yet should be provided with caution (it might potentially damage your floor or countertop).Apply the eraser. If you are still having actually some difficulty in remove the stain, you might want to use one of those clean erasers to perform the job. Simply obtain the eraser wet and begin scrubbing away. Friend should have actually no problem whatsoever in acquiring rid that the stain, yet you might need to use a couple of different erasers to obtain the task done.Scrape the off. unfortunately there are some particularly daunting stains out there, and latex paint deserve to be one of those. Utilizing a razor blade deserve to work wonders as soon as repaint off of linoleum. However, you desire to be particularly careful as soon as you room doing this due to the fact that you can accidentally reduced into the linoleum. Closely slip the razor tongue under the stain and also use it come pry the repaint off of the floor. Repeat the procedure until you have removed every one of the paint from the linoleum.

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