This document provides general instructions for the removal and replacement that the optical journey for notebook PCs. Her notebook PC might not show up the same. Please consult the documentation noted with your computer for details instructions.
Parts replacement instructions for all models are accessible under the Manuals section of the product web page for your model. See the online Maintenance and Service overview for in Manuals section.

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To see the video press the Play switch on the player manage bar below the video.
To prevent the video clip press the Pause button on the player regulate bar below the video.
come restart the video press the Rewind switch on the player regulate bar listed below the video.
Flash Player indigenous Macromedia is required to see this video. Visit the Macromedia website (in English) come download and also install flash Player.
Slide and hold the battery release latch to the unlock position.Lift the front leaf of the battery and also remove the from battery bay.
Remove the 11mm P1 Phillips-head screw the secures the optical drive to the bottom the the notebook.Use your fingers to understand the leaf of the optical drive bezel and slide the optical drive out of the base enclosure.
Insert the optical drive right into the base enclosure till the connector is seated.Replace the 11mm P1 Phillips-head screw that secures the optical drive to the bottom the the notebook.

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Toe the rear edge the the battery right into the basic enclosure.Lower the front edge of the battery and press the battery right into the battery bay till the relax latch clicks.


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