(Originally posted 14 December 2017): walk anyone else have actually this problem? I’ve never liked cigarette lighters. Ns spin the little metal dial, get the fire up, and then as soon as trying to light my tea lights (which is the key reason why ns would use a lighter), I manage to angle the lighter so the it burns mine fingers. In situations where a gas stove demands lighting, i have constantly had the fear that I will certainly light the gas and also my whole hand.

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That is why ns have always used lengthy lighters.

I’ve always found the wasteful, though they only cost in between $2 and $6, to throw them out when the butane has actually run out. Yet the thing is, the first times ns tried refilling them, plenty of years ago, ns remember it being a finish disaster.

But things move rapid these days. I believed of this task more recently and realised that at the time, it to be unlikely because that there to it is in advice up on the internet, however nowadays, over there is advice top top EVERYTHING. The weird point is the the advice that I uncovered was super complex and frequently wrong.

The worst advice involved removing the cartridge indigenous a cigarette lighter and also then removing the cartridge native the lengthy lighter, and also putting the tobacco lighter cartridge right into the lengthy lighter ~ you’ve make a few small adjustments.

Yeah, right. A video clip from a kid (who shouldn’t it is in playing with lighters) didn’t help out, and also gave advice that was opposite come what at some point worked. The finest advice was found on a article board, but without illustration. So, I assumed that ns could assist out here, for anyone who was once, choose me, confused.

How come refill a long lighter:

Buy a can of butaneUse the smallest nozzle and very first use it (or a pin or a screwdriver) to totally release any remaining gas or butane that is in the lighter. Put your instrument right into the tiny hole and press till there is no press left, no sound, nothing. This is critical step and also I think was my trouble the an initial time ns tried this.When the cartridge is fully empty, climate you can fill that up. Organize the have the right to of butane upside down with the nozzle inserted into the small hole because that refilling the butane!


Press down. It’s likely that extra butane will leak over her fingers, which will be cold, so you could want come wear gloves. And you’d probably want to perform this top top a solid surface fairly than my hand in the air illustration purposes only.You will have the ability to see in the home window whether the cartridge has actually filled up.


I’m still making use of the same can of butane come refill lighters 2.5 years after I first wrote this post. And also I just obtained some brand-new advice!

John (thanks John) advises:

You should use a high quality butane native brands choose Colibri, Puretane, Vector etc. The brand name is less crucial than exactly how refined that is. Personally, I usage 9x polished Colibri because that my torches.

Cheap butane favor Ronson has much more impurities and also it have the right to clog up her lighter and also ruin it. Long lighters are pretty cheap, so maybe it’s not worth the hassle, yet I’ve destroyed torches with low top quality butane in the past.

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I’ve found that I deserve to only refill the lighters about 4 or 5 times and also then they simply won’t light, even when there’s enough butane in them. So maybe this is the problem.