Does the make any difference to placed the 3ds in sleep setting when a game is running? it won't drain the battery any type of faster than placing it come sleep from the main menu v nothing running?

Just got into AC:NL and also I'd quite not need to save and later reload mine town in between every short burst that gameplay.

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Edit: sorry all, should have specified the by sleep i mean simply closing it while the video game is running. As much as I recognize hitting the power switch makes no difference as sleep is sleep, despite this appears to it is in a widely debated topic.


It shouldn't issue either way. The video game is not handling anything when suspended. What will certainly make the biggest distinction is turning WiFi off. If you're at house or don't arrangement on streetpassing anyone simply turn the WiFi off. That's what I perform to help my battery last longer for things like auto trips.

It's fun to take a long vehicle trip and see what random street passes you obtain from human being driving by you though. I constantly get a couple on lengthy trips.

This time a million.

Pokémon is notorious for having poorly coded wireless. If you put that game in sleep mode, your battery will drain like no other because it's constantly looking through PSS.

If girlfriend hit home prior to you close the system, the will drain at a regular rate.

No, there shouldn't be any difference. Both methods, the game's in a suspended state and also I don't check out why lock would regime it to be various suspended states. My 3DS lasts prefer 4 or 5 days in sleep setting if I have actually wifi off.

While not directly relevant, since you're asking about Animal Crossing, those who have the Ambassador gamings should take treatment with sleep. The GBA virtual console does no actually carry out sleep mode and also the video game keeps running as soon as you closeup of the door the 3DS lid.

Interesting, i had never heard that the ambassador program before and also had to look that up. Absolutely doesn't use to me then, just acquired my 3ds critical month

there is not difference. The sleep setting is regulated by the console device not the game code. This will average that that will reduced off any type of unnecessary link to save power. This is proven in the pokemon games, if girlfriend close her 3ds it will enter sleep mode and disconnect you from the internet.

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Closing the system after pushing the power button just return it to the residence menu for sleep mode. That is simply the system giving an alternative to being turn off completely. I simply did it a couple of minutes ago.