When ns speak to people about Taoism, I like to pronounce things correctly. I've review that Tao is in fact pronounced Dao, and so ns pronounce it the way. However I've additionally heard that Lao Tzu is express Lao Zee. Is this true? and also could someone offer me the ideal pronunciations of words that are conveniently mis-pronounced? along with the exactly English spelling?



Lao Tzu is far better romanized Laozi and should be pronounced: Lao (like "loud") + dze (like the end of "suds" through a small vowel sound).

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Chuang Tzu = Zhuangzi ("zh" is prefer the start of "drill", climate say "wong", + dze)

Lie Tzu = Liezi (Lyeh + dze)

Off the optimal of mine head, those are most likely the many mis-pronounced. Good luck!

I have heard "Zhuangzi" pronounced Jwahng-zuh v that "ah" in the direction of the beginning being highly emphasized, typically.

There's currently some an excellent responses right here so just a tangential comment: one issue with sorting the end pronunciation is the the transliteration right into Roman personalities has developed over time. Contemporary romanizations look at much more like the word is actually pronounced, especially for one English speaker. For example, "Bejing" (Pinyin) rather of "Peking" (Wade-Giles).

Taoist thought has been around in the West for a while and also popular writer haven't to update the spellings because, presumably, castle don't desire to confuse your non-academic audience. In academia you'll watch "Dao" however in well-known writing friend still see "Tao". Same goes v things prefer "taiji" instead of "tai chi".

If you want to be as authentic together possible, just examine out the pinyin pronunciation rules and compare those to the pinyin romanizations the the names in question. Otherwise, just pronounce them but you want, as long as that feels ideal to you. You will an alert that pretty lot everyone who gives you advice ~ above this concern will provide conflicting or incorrect information (e.g., voiced plosives execute not happen in Mandarin, so and are not actually provided in the language), which method that pretty lot everyone here follows the latter option.

Thanks because that asking. I when saw a woman say the to be interested in Tay-Oh-ism and it took me a when to figure out what she was saying. Chinese is rough.

The "Tzu" that "Lao Tzu" is much more like one exaggerated exhale than any kind of real voice noise we have actually in English. I think zhurnal's suds is as close of an instance as I can get.

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